Bracelet tattoos are very nice tattoo designs that are very popular today. These tattoos were at the top about 10 or 15 years ago and they are still the most desired tattoo models. Although before they were much more fashionable, they are still one of the most common resources when it comes to choosing a good tattoo.

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When talking about bracelets we are not referring only to tattoos made on the arms. But any tattoo that surrounds any part of your body but is more usual in the extremities, either the arm or leg, but also in the neck or waist. The areas of the wrist or ankle are very common.

They are tattoos that can give an aesthetic style very different from what we are used to seeing. The innovations in this design of tattoos are becoming more numerous, the originality is very important so that they look in a special way. Whether small details that personalize a classic drawing, or new ideas much less seen and more original.

If you have a partner and she also wants to get a tattoo, you can tattoo each one a bracelet tattoo that symbolizes your union. No doubt they are tattoos to make you in the arm very original.

Classic Bracelet Tattoos

Know the main meanings of these tattoo designs. These are the most classic among the bracelet designs:

tatuajes de brazaletesTattoos of barbed wire bracelets

Although this tattoo can have several meanings most of them are related to pain. For example: Prisoners of war have been tattooed for several decades to be identified. For Christians, this symbolizes the pain that their savior had to endure in his name. Among the celebrities of the 90s that made this kind of tattoos fashionable was Pamela Anderson.

Celtic Knot Bracelet Tattoos

This type of tattoo usually refers to the bond of love especially when more than one route is interwoven with another. The Celtic knot is an ancient design that is used to personify something that has no end like love or humanity. The illusion created by the paths that interconnect continuously has a special hypnotic effect. This type of effect is not only associated with a symbolic meaning but also provides a splendid visual effect.

tatuajes de brazaletes para hombres

Tattoos of line bracelets

This style of tattoo is very seen in the new hipster fashion and they are pretty tattoos, they are also a very modern model, it is so minimalist that the meaning that can be given has nothing more than the aesthetic sense of pure and hard posturing. It never ceases to amaze, that something being of a nihilistic style, so that it is part of the obligatory collections in all the tattoo shops of the world. If you are a hipster you definitely need one!

Geometric bracelet tattoos

This is another design style for a bracelet tattoo that is very different from the usual bracelets that you usually see. They are the best option when you are looking for a bracelet for women. If what you want is to have a unique piece on your skin, abstract tattoos or geometric designs are always super original. We must also consider the abstract tattoo as a unique work that the tattoo artist must create without previous references. This will ensure that your tattoo is unique and will not be similar to anyone’s.

tatuajes de brazaletes tribalesTattoos of chain bracelets

This style has the most obvious meaning, a chain called a slave says it all. The tattoos that use a chain design tell us to be united to what we represent in the design, they can be hearts, skulls, the death of a loved one or any other element. They belong to the most antiquated designs among the bracelets.

There are also other types of bracelet tattoos. Tribal Bracelets, Maori Bracelets, Roman Bracelets, Aztec Bracelets, Mayan Bracelets, Indian Bracelets … etc.


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