90 Brothers and Sisters Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of beautiful sibling tattoos. Thousands of tattoos of all possible shapes,…

Welcome to our gallery of beautiful sibling tattoos. Thousands of tattoos of all possible shapes, colors, designs and styles. Browse between our pages with exclusive photos of tattoos to access all that we have on our multimedia servers.

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Where to get tattoos for siblings?

Sibling tattoos are generally made small in size and in areas such as the arms, wrists or the nape of the neck. Like any other, these tattoos can be done anywhere on the body and in any size you want.

Symbolize the love between siblings with a tattoo

They are also usually done in black and white, although there are those who also create their own very colorful design. These tattoos are made in order to strengthen a bond or trust with the brothers, who are an essential part of who we are.

These tattoos are an excellent and popular way to deepen the bond that you have with your closest siblings, since they are the ones with whom we spend the most time and are a basic element in everyone’s life. Among these tattoos we highlight the hearts.

Tattoos are frequent between sisters and their meanings will vary according to each customization that is given. One of the most popular designs among siblings is the phrases of love and support in a running calligraphy.

Sister tattoo tips

To be tattooed together with a sister, there is a great variety of tattoos. Among the most significant ideas are pets. A first pet in the family is an important event for all siblings.

For the latter, there are minimalist and simple pet designs (more specifically dogs) that symbolize this experience between sisters. The dates of birth of each sister with the word “sister” have also been very frequent.

One way to symbolize a brotherhood, whether of blood or not, is by using the ying and yang symbol, very common to represent the concept of Taoism. A heart broken in half that when together symbolizes love is also a great idea.

Small birds as symbols of freedom and union between sisters, the barcode, a good luck clover and mandalas are an excellent option to symbolize the relationship, love and trust that exist between sisters.

Sibling Tattoo Ideas

Although it is usually associated with something clearly feminine, male siblings also opt for sibling tattoos to symbolize their affection, importance, complicity and support that the other has in their life.

These tattoos on men are characterized by being simple, minimalist and in black and white. Among the designs most used by some sibling tattoos are the solitary pieces of a puzzle, to symbolize that one complements the other.

There are those who choose to tattoo something that means a lot to both of them, such as a phrase, a logo or simply an object that reminds them of a specific moment. As well as minimalist dinosaurs or the sun and the moon have been an option.

Finally, for male siblings, animals also stand out. The most popular is the face of a lion where one brother will have one half and the other brother the other. This tattoo is decorated with designs of lines and geometric diamond figures.

Most frequent meanings of these tattoos

Always together

If you want to capture this feeling in a sibling tattoo, the ideal is a key and a lock, as one will always be the complement of the other. This tattoo is usually done on the wrists and in black and white.

I love you

I love you is a very strong feeling between siblings, so we suggest that you represent it in a delicate calligraphy accompanied by hearts. There are those who opt for a simple I love you accompanied by an element that both sisters like.

Older sister and younger sister

One of the most frequent ideas which is represented with those words in different calligraphies. It is very common to get a heart tattooed in the middle and with these words in English filling it with a color that both sisters like.