100 Awesome Bull Tattoos

Bull tattoos are a very popular type of tattoo, mainly among men, thanks to the…

Bull tattoos are a very popular type of tattoo, mainly among men, thanks to the different meanings that have been given to this animal. Today it is possible to find all kinds of tattoos alluding to this animal, mixing all kinds of styles.

Most bull tattoos are usually done to generally represent virility and power, as well as being an allusion to gods of different religions. These tattoos are usually made in large areas to represent the animal in a majestic way, as if a story were told.

Bull tattoos meanings

These incredible bull tattoos are generally used by men to represent power and virility as it is a large and majestic animal. They are also known for their stamina and ferocity, representing that in a tattoo.

On the other hand, bulls have been a symbol of many religions, as is the case of Egyptian culture where they venerated a bull-headed god, which represented fertility and was a funerary god, being one of the main figures of this culture.

The bull is also responsible for symbolizing the adult entry into the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia, where those who entered this age, had to jump with swords over the strongest and most virile bull in the entire village.

Types of bull tattoos

Being an extremely popular animal in different cultures around the world, today it is possible to find great diversity in terms of types and designs of bulls to be tattooed. Among them, we highlight the most popular and those that should be considered:

  • Skull

As we mentioned, the bull skull can mean two things: prosperity and life or death and destruction. This because in the ancient west when this skull appeared, it meant that the death of the one who saw it was very close.

  • Celtic

Celtic bull tattoos have a meaning mainly related to spirituality, as well as paganism. The figures of the bulls with Celtic knots are usually related to the representation of eternal life.

  • Angry bull

This type of tattoo is linked to those sports that use these animals, having a meaning linked to toughness, masculine energy and representing a person who faces any type of challenge with courage.

  • Taurus bull

This bull tattoo is mainly linked to the zodiac sign, where this animal is responsible for representing the power, resistance and perseverance of people born under this sign.

Where to get bull tattoos?

Thanks to the variety of bull symbols that can be found, bull tattoos can be made in the desired area, from simple representations of this animal on the arms to a more elaborate portrait in the chest or back area.

Although many people take this animal as a symbol of strength and death at times, the truth is that bull tattoos can also symbolize life and prosperity in American folklore.