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Why get a butterfly tattoo?

Start small if this is your first time, make sure you can handle the pain of the tattoo session. It is not within everyone’s reach to endure a very long tattoo session.

Are you looking for pretty, eye-catching, meaningful, or simple butterfly tattoos?

Within the insect world, most women have a great soft spot for butterflies. Perhaps together with the famous ladybugs and dragonflies, it is one of the most beautiful, colorful, cheerful and showy insects. Unlike cockroaches that do not have an aesthetic appearance that makes them pleasant to see.

And that is why it is a source of inspiration for many tattoo experts when it comes to tattooing beautiful colorful drawings on a woman’s body.

Butterfly tattoos look good on any area of ​​the body, the vast majority choose to be tattooed on the back. Although when choosing the place there is nothing written, I advise you to be original.

Currently, an incredible 18,000 different species of butterflies are known to exist around the entire planet. Of the most vivid and diverse colors, some can be as little as 1 cm and others that measure up to 25 cm.

This always facilitates numerous options when choosing a butterfly tattoo design since they are very beautiful and quite pleasant.

Simply with a single photograph or image of any of the hundreds of tattoos that we offer, you can prepare your design or even create your own sketch to tattoo if you have artistic gifts and a good creative imagination.

Thus having an immensity of possibilities that will make a butterfly tattoo something much more original. Even though it is one of the options that many girls choose when choosing a tattoo in color.

There are many varied designs of different species, colors and sizes. There are some very original but the most popular are the Monarch butterfly tattoos and the butterfly tattoos with tribal designs, without a doubt they are the most used designs.

Who are butterfly tattoos for?

Nothing determines that butterflies are not tattoos for men or women. Butterfly tattoos are quite popular among women and in fact, they are one of the most popular designs among young ladies.

Butterflies are delicate, sophisticated and colorful, but in addition, there are a lot of designs that can be used and combined.

Girls always prefer to tattoo butterflies, but among their preferences is also tattooing flowers, stars or roses. Among those preferred by women to get tattoos are tattoos on the wrist, on the foot or on the back.

Meaning of butterfly tattoos

To start talking about the meaning of butterfly tattoos, we must first look back a bit.

In Japan, butterflies symbolize femininity and youth. While a tattoo of two butterflies represents marital happiness and the happiness that a good marriage can live with.
For the ancient Aztecs there were two types of death that were considered the noblest of all: the death of the warrior in battle and the death of the mother in childbirth. On their bodies, butterflies were placed and they thought that butterflies were a part of those noble souls.
In Christianity the butterfly has also represented the soul, a soul that escapes from the prison of the flesh and flies free.
For the Greeks it also represented the soul, the journey and flight of the soul, its evolution, birth, development and death, as well as the renewal of the soul. One of the most common beliefs was that butterflies were entrusted with carrying the spirit and soul of people from earth to heaven.
Symbology of tattoos with butterflies

Over time, butterflies have represented various things according to each culture. The meaning itself has been modified according to the historical context and the different civilizations, ethnic groups or religions.

But it is clear that the butterfly itself means change, since it is a being that through a rigorous effort goes through a long and slow metamorphosis to transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

A butterfly tattoo mainly represents that that person has changed for the better after going through hard times.

These tattoos are then full of symbolism. Among other things, they symbolize evolution, change, beauty, the grace of nature and of life itself. Together with the phoenix it is perhaps the maximum representation of a personal transformation, whether emotional, work, economic or sentimental.

Without a doubt, they are tattoos with various meanings interpretable in many ways depending on who. The colors used for the tattoo and the chosen design can give it a wide range of shades that symbolize what you want to express.