90 Clavicle Tattoos

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Tattoos on the clavicle are in fashion and are the ones that women wear the most, because they are the ones that seem much more feminine.

They also choose them either because they do not have much space, or also because of their peculiar shape, which can be taken advantage of with different designs.

Getting a tattoo in the clavicle area is a decision that must be taken calmly, because once it is done it is difficult to erase it.

Therefore, think carefully about the tattoo you want to get there, but without a doubt, it is the most beautiful place on the body to get tattooed.


Why do tattoos on the clavicle attract a lot of attention?

The tattoos on the clavicle attract attention because it is a very special area, because the bone protrudes between the shoulder and the neck, it is a determining factor when choosing what to do.

The shape of the tattoo and whether the shape of the clavicle can help or not should be considered first.

Tattooing on the clavicle has the advantage of making delicate designs and above all simple, therefore, they are chosen more by women than men. Likewise, they can be covered by any clothing, and can be displayed whenever you want.

Tattooing on the clavicle Is it painful or not?

Well, these tattoos themselves hurt, because it is a very painful area of ​​the body, since the skin is thin and the bone is glued to the skin. Therefore, it is important that you think about whether you will be able to bear the pain or not.

It is also an area where the ink grabs worse, it is a more complex area to tattoo and it is more difficult to cure the tattoo well.

Despite the above, tattooing on the clavicle is a marvel, specifically if very delicate designs are captured. If you like this type of tattoos and want to get one, it’s time to go to a tattoo shop and not hesitate any longer.

What tattoos on the clavicle are most popular?

Regardless, if you are a woman or a man, the most popular clavicle tattoos that will inspire you to get one are the following: Roman numerals, a small moon, some stars, Arabic flowers, birds, a dandelion, a heart , an electrocardiogram, an eagle or arrows.

You can also tattoo a beautiful and short phrase on your clavicle, which have a deep meaning, the most perfect are the following: you are my sunshine, it is never a mistake, always a lesson, enjoy the little things in life, life is beautiful, just breathe and among other inspiring phrases.

Get your collarbone tattooed right now!

There are several ways to interpret tattoos on the clavicle, regardless of the right or left side that is done. On the one hand it is beautiful for women, but on the other hand the visual impact for men is totally different.

For that single and simple reason, it is a type of tattoo that girls tend to do more than boys, in the same way, as they are small and elegant designs, only they can wear them with an off-the-shoulder dress.