58 Cowboy Tattoos

Cowboy tattoos, although few believe it, enjoy great popularity for everything that this Wild West…

Cowboy tattoos, although few believe it, enjoy great popularity for everything that this Wild West represents. They are designs that are usually inspired by the many cowboy movies, but with extra elements for greater symbolism.

Of these cowboy tattoos we can also say that they are designs that tend to take advantage of shadows and only found in black ink. As for what these tattoos usually have, you can find boots, spurs, revolver, ties and more.

Cowboy culture

While it is true that cowboys are very popular in many movies, they represent a fairly broad culture. This is very noticeable especially in areas like the United States where people often pay tribute to it through a tattoo.

As jeans have certain elements that distinguish them, each of them has been adopting a meaning that not only represents the courage of the cowboy, but also the freedom or the desire to excel.

In the same way, we must emphasize that the latter is what has allowed many people to let their imagination fly in terms of the design that this culture represents, so that you can count on cowboy boots, figures of damsels, hats and others.


Where to get a cowboy tattoo?

The right place to get a cowboy tattoo will depend solely on the taste of each person. Thanks to the striking designs that we can find today, there are those who decide on a fairly visible and equally striking area.

On the other hand, if you are a more discreet person who prefers simple and minimalist designs, you can opt for areas such as the forearm, the sides, the legs or even the wrists; These are ideal places especially for those who only opt for cowboy hats.


What do the jeans symbols mean?

As we all know, cowboy tattoos are not only made up of the hat that these characters usually use, but also by many others such as boots, ties, ropes and even bulls, each of them with different meanings. Between them we have:

Boots and spurs

The type of boots that these characters usually use are quite popular and usually symbolize courage, initiation and control, since they are used to achieve stability. In the case of the spurs, they symbolize the wealth of each cowboy.

Bull rodeo

Bulls are the animals typical of cowboys in the Wild West and in cowboy tattoos, these rodeos symbolize strength, invincibility, masculine energy, dexterity and even the challenge and desire to excel in each set objective.


The cowboy tattoo itself (the silhouette itself) represents a longing for freedom or nostalgia for the Wild West. There are those who symbolize with a cowboy tattoo all the qualities that these characters used to have (courage, masculinity, dexterity, agility and others).


Finally, this is an accessory that cowboys’ horses used to wear and that for years has been considered good luck only when the design of said horseshoe is upwards.