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Tattoos of roses in color

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tatuaje de rosa roja
Red rose tattoo

It is possible that these days you will find extremely nice and almost perfect designs to be tattooed anywhere in your body. The design of a rose is not only elegant and dedicated especially for women, it is also an option for men. As you know, a complex flower is characterized by being delicate and at the same time painful by the thorns that protect it from the possible aggressions that can suffer, this makes it symbolize love and beauty. In this opportunity we will let you know everything about the tattoos of roses, it is likely that you will finish convincing yourself to become one.

Roses tattoos: the best place to become one

If you decide to get a tattoo you can choose to capture it in any part of your body, but there are places where they stand out more and stand out

perfectly. In the case that you have thin arms, you can choose designs of small roses or tattoos of roses that cover the arm completely. Finding the perfect place to get a tattoo will depend a lot on the tastes you have, if you want something big or something more discreet and that goes unnoticed.

Rose tattoos for women

tatuajes de rosas en la espalda
Tattoo with roses on the back

The tattoos of roses and women combine perfectly, it does not take much effort for any design to look good on a woman. However, some of them may look good in certain areas, since everything will depend on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Next, we will show you some designs that you may like:

  • Tattoos of Roses on the arm

Tattooing on the arms offers many advantages, because the skin, being uniform, allows the tattoo artist to do his job very easily.

  • Tattoos of roses on the forearm

It is one of the areas of the body where a woman can choose to be tattooed with roses, it will look delicate and feminine. If you want the tattoo to be discreet, this is not the best option.

  • Roses tattoos on the shoulder

It is the perfect place to enhance the feminine beauty and see it more daring, this area of โ€‹โ€‹the body is one of the options that you must take into account if you want to get a tattoo.

  • Tattoos of Roses on the back

In this area of โ€‹โ€‹the body you will not have to worry if you decide to get a tattoo, because the area is very wide and in some cases people do not have pain tattooing one. Also, it is the perfect place to hide it from people and you can use to choose large designs.

  • Tattoos of roses on the legs and waist

Tatuajes de rosas en la pierna
Tattoo of roses on the leg

These are the perfect places to make these types of tattoos, in addition to looking completely daring, you will look very sexy. The tattoos of roses in this part of the body

They are usually large and in some cases they invade part of the buttocks.

Tatuajes de Rosas y sus significados

Like many of the tattoos that exist, roses tattoos have different meanings and may vary by the elements that usually accompany them. For example, a rose of thorns can turn out to be the opposite of a skull rose. This time we will show you some designs with their meanings:

  • Red roses

Tatuajes de rosas clavadas en la espalda
Tattoo with a rose stuck in the back

This type of tattoo represents love and strength to overcome any obstacle in a love relationship. This design is used mainly in those people who have a love at a distance.

  • Rosas floreciendo

If you opt for this design, represents the new beginnings and the espewkranza, the color of this also has a very important role.

  • Rosas con espinas

If you seek to protect yourself from those bad things that surround us daily, this design is the right one without any doubt.

  • Black roses and / or skulls

There are people who try to mark with a tattoo a sad stage in their life, and what better idea than to get a tattoo with this design.


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