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tatuaje en la muรฑeca de una chica
Woman tattooed on the wrist

When it comes to getting a tattoo we always spend a lot of time trying to see what the design or idea is going to be. We are very focused on the fact that the image we are going to stamp on our body truly represents us, and we forget a bit about where we are going to capture the tattoo. When people think of a tattoo on their arm, very few do so thinking it will be a tattoo on the wrist.

For many people this may be the least, but we think it’s good to spend a couple of minutes making decisions to see where a tattoo would fit best. Having well visualized the place where you are going to be will help us to take certain forecasts that have more to do with the dimensions that the tattoo can reach and the amount of details it can have.

In this little article we are going to be talking about tattoos on the wrist in particular. And about how the doll is the place of the body is ideal to have one of your first small tattoos. And the truth is that it is not for less, since given its sizes it is the ideal pro zone but it wants to take something very big or striking in your skin.

Thinking well in the place may also save us a couple of headaches, literally, since you have to remember that the body has different levels of pain according to the area where you tattoo.

Certainly it is not the same to have a tattoo on the arms, that in the lower part of the back and let’s not talk about the sides, the chest near the ribs, this is one of the areas where 100% is guaranteed to make a tattoo It will be a very painful and long experience.

The tattoos on the wrist are then presented as a very practical and simple solution, because if the design is not too complicated or too many details you may have a session of an hour and a half or two hours already ready and with your new tattoo on your body.

Far from what we might think, more and more men decide to tattoo on their wrists.

Ideas for choosing a tattoo on the wrist

tatuaje en la muรฑeca de una huella animal
Footprint tattoo on the wrist

You may already know this because you have noticed it around you, but the hands especially the dolls have become one of the favorite places that people have to get tattooed today.

The truth I could not tell if this is a simple fashion, or is more a matter of style and aesthetics that is currently handled, the truth is that they work. Since the tattoos on the wrist are quite easy to make, do not require much time to finalize and allow you to have a more modest image that marks your individualism.

One of the images most often seen in tattoos on the wrist are birds. Which are quite nice and tender, in a certain way we are trying to say that our hands are our wings and that it is thanks to them that we are going to be able to take flight.

The message behind each tattoo is very personal but another reason why many people decide to put them on the wrists is because they are easy to visualize for themselves, this makes them a constant reminder of something very important for the person.

Another thing that most people usually do is to tattoo phrases with which they feel strongly identified, and the doll is one of the ideal places for this.

Undoubtedly these tattoos on the wrist are made to be displayed, that is the truth since this is not an area of โ€‹โ€‹human anatomy that can be easily hidden. Once you have one, you may have to deal with the typical questions about why you decided to tattoo, among many others.

You also have to think carefully about what your short and long term work possibilities are going to be, since although there is currently no taboo as big as some decades ago with tattoos, there are people who can still be prejudices to see someone with one, and it would be quite unfortunate that you were going to deny some work opportunity for this simple detail.

But in a certain way this can be a positive thing, since as it is a pretty showy place, this projects you quickly towards other people, giving them an idea of โ€‹โ€‹how you are.


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