90 Awesome Eye Tattoos

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Access our gallery with eye tattoos with one click. Hundreds of photos of the latest tattoos, updated. Enjoy all the images on our servers and navigate between the pages to see them all. All these photographs have been compiled during an in-depth investigation by the network.

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Meaning of eye tattoos

Throughout human history, the eyes have had a very important cultural significance. The eyes have been used as a good luck charm, as well as protection against bad energies. It is from this point that eye tattoos have taken on great importance and popularity.

There are several types of eye tattoos that exist, and each one represents and has a meaning, while others are more popular. For example, an eye only represents a way of protection against bad energies, if the eye is accompanied by a tear, it will undoubtedly represent a great sadness, while, if the eye of Horus is concerned, it takes the lead, thus representing the power to create.

Since the human being understood the meaning of the eyes throughout history, eye tattoos have become very popular among lovers of ink and creativity, beyond what it can mean, without a doubt. they are totally attractive to the eye.

Without a doubt, the sense of sight allows all of us to create mental images, whether consciously or unconsciously, which is why the eye represents the creation itself.

For many cultures, the eye together with the hand represents divinity and if these elements are reflected in a triangle, the eye of Providence is obtained, better known to all as the eye that sees everything.

Now, if rays are placed in the eye tattoo in some way, this has a much closer relationship to what eternal light would be divinity. Depending on the element with which the drawing of the eye is going to be mixed, it will take a different meaning, then we will know the most popular ones.

In some cases, eye tattoos are usually completely alone, which can be taken as a symbol of protection in the presence of negative energies. When the eye is accompanied by solar rays, a reference to God is made.

There are many cultures that agree that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, and this is something with which we must totally agree, since in the eyes of a person you can see if he is happy or sad.

If a tear is placed on an eye tattoo, it means that the person experienced something that will make them sad for life. For its part, the Eye of Horus is well known among lovers of eye tattoos, and it represents the power to constantly create.

The popular eye that sees everything, represents wisdom, knowing everything, undoubtedly a very deep meaning and little understandable for many people. The eyes of animals are also usually tattooed very frequently, meaning that the person who did it has one or more characteristics of the personality of the animal in question.

An example of this would be tattoos of the eyes of a lion, which would indicate that the person has a very strong personality and character. If you decide to make the eyes of a cat, it can be taken as a sample of the intuitive character that you possess.

Design and types of eye tattoos

When you want to design a tattoo of whatever image it is, you should go to a professional, since this with his experience will translate into his art, everything that the client wants. Many people already have the drawing of what they want to do, and it is valid, the bad thing is that you could find someone who has the same design as you.

There are several types of eye tattoos, among which are:

Drawing: this type of eye tattoos indicate that the person who has it has a sweet and delicate personality, that is, they have a tender appearance.
Realistic: Realistic tattoos serve as a tribute to someone who is loved or remembered a lot. There are many celebrities who have decided to do it.
Animal eyes: people get this type of tattoo because they feel that they have characteristics of the animal in question, that is, they feel identified with it.
Closed eyes: this is very peculiar, since it symbolizes sleep and people’s docility, although depending on the colors and accessories it can be related to death.