90 Interesting Geometric Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of geometric tattoos images. Enjoy thousands of free photos with so…

Welcome to our gallery of geometric tattoos images. Enjoy thousands of free photos with so many tattoos at your fingertips that you won’t have time to see them all. You just have to navigate between the pages of our gallery and see all the photos that you have time to see.

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Symbolic meaning of geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos are made up of figures, lines or points, black or colored, which together form true works of art.

Geometry is associated with the concepts of symmetry and harmony. Precisely for this reason, geometric tattoos have been widely used for some time and are increasingly loved by the public and artists.

These tattoos not only have a strong aesthetic appeal, but they are full of meaning and spirituality. In ancient times it was thought that the creation of a geometric tattoo in particular areas of the body could have beneficial effects and even allow the cure of diseases and physical disorders, restoring balance and rigor to the body.

In addition to an undeniable aesthetic value, this tattoo style has an important religious and spiritual connotation.

Different geometric shapes are associated with different natural elements. For example, the cube represents the earth, while the fire is indicated by a tetrahedron. Water is represented by the icosahedron, air by the octahedron, and spirit by the dodecahedron.

In this perspective, tattoos are seen as real amulets or talismans, endowed with magical characters, and have always been used as holistic remedies against physical and psychological ills.

The most loved geometric tattoos

In a geometric tattoo, each element plays a precise role. The goal is to achieve symmetry and balance in the tattoo, just like the goal of human life is to achieve a peaceful and stable life.

Most requested tattoos with geometric shapes

Circle: indicates original perfection, integrity and eternity. It is often inserted into more elaborate figures, such as the lotus flower, the rose or the lily, acquiring its characteristics.

Mandala: originally, a religious symbol of the universe in Hindu religion. Today it is now a much loved and much sought after item in the tattoo world.

Owl: it is a theme that expresses wisdom and intelligence. Given its nocturnal nature, it also indicates a mysterious and fascinating dimension.

Uroboro: consists of a dragon or a snake that bites its tail and its origin is found in Greek mythology. Symbolically, it is the cycle of life and death. In some cases, the snakes are two and indicate the complementary and opposite energies of yin and yang.

Labyrinth: indicates the path of a human being who, through many adventures, reaches his own inner balance. The path may be unique or it may present different options.

Spiral: represents the power of the sun and the moon, birth and death, intensification and weakening.

Plaza: the quintessential symbol of integrity and morality. It is generally chosen by honest people who want to display this rare and precious feature.

Pyramid: an element with a sacred marking, symbolizing spiritual fullness. Its steps indicate the various stages of life and therefore symbolize the consciousness acquired by growing up.

The most suitable areas of the body for these tattoos

Geometric tattoos are particularly loved by men and women of all ages, not only for their beauty, but also and especially for their meaning.

Artists depict them in every shape and size, and for this reason each area of ​​the body can be adapted to accommodate them. The fingers, wrists, arms, palms, neck and area behind the ear are ideal for small geometric tattoos.

In contrast, the best surfaces for large geometric tattoos are the back, chest, hips, or shoulders.

Naturally, the artist plays an essential role in advising on the most suitable area for a given subject with a given size, in order to maximize the final work.

Alchemy and geometric tattoos

These tattoos are in high demand, especially in areas like the forearm, wrist, ankle, back, or even fingers. The triangle and the arrow are the most common designs, but you can also see circles, moons in all their phases or combinations of figures. Geometry has always had a strong link with alchemy and architecture, on this basis, geometric figures have their own meaning.

Alchemy was widely used in ancient times until the Renaissance. It included various sciences and theories such as chemistry, metallurgy, medicine, physics, astrology, mysticism, and spiritualism.

It was a practice that created links between human beings and the explanation of natural phenomena, for this reason it was recognized as proto-science.

The elements tried to merge and each had its own meaning associated with a symbol. Precisely these symbols of today are reproduced through tattoos.