88 Ancient World Greek Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of the best Greek tattoos. Discover the ancient Greeks one of…

Welcome to our gallery of the best Greek tattoos. Discover the ancient Greeks one of the first civilizations in the world through tattoos. We have huge galleries full of images with amazingly incredible tattoos. Discover them by browsing our website.

Honor to the ancient Greeks

Fun fact this is one of the ancient civilizations where the tattoo already existed since its inception, they marked their slaves with tattoos, just as if they were cattle.

Greek tattoos are quite emblematic for their meanings, the designs contain images with great character as they are gods. Although you can immortalize this belief with other types of symbols of Greek culture.

When you do a thorough search, on the internet pages you find a wide variety of Greek tattoos, that you don’t even know which one to choose because each one represents a different thing. And its lines are so well captured that it is a difficult decision to opt for a Greek tattoo.

The Greeks were very wise and open to learning new things for their community for which they adopted the practice of tattooing from the Persians, a historian named Herodotus, describes that the Persians marked their soldiers and slaves with tattoos in order to mark their property and take ownership from them.

The Greeks have a mythology full of mystery, battles, rituals, gods that, when analyzed well, are usually even fictitious, although in their time they could be considered true stories.

However, the ancient Greek civilization had a high impact on literature and art, which has prevailed for a long time.

Something that is very remarkable, their stories lead to heroism and truly magical feats for those who have come across a Greek story, however, this is what makes it really attractive to read and to observe their images and choose them to get a tattoo in their honor. .

Symbology of Greek tattoos

It can be a broad explanation, covering the religious, we can note that many times they use verses from the Bible, although it should be noted that tattoos in ancient Greece were normally intended for warriors of higher rank, such as Achilles or for generals best decorated in battle.

Although among Greek mythology there are the favorite gods to tattoo one of them is Aphrodite whose symbolism represents love and beauty. A design that is often liked a lot is the Greek evil eye, it can be found with the name of mati, which is also used in jewelry as an amulet.

It goes without saying that Greek mythology is full of many symbols for being an ancient civilization, currently it is used in the world for fashion, such as jewelry.

We find images that are used in our homes to decorate it and so goes through tattoos for their well-made lines, when we imagine their impression on our skin we are really delighted.

Why choose Greek tattoos?

When you start looking for Greek tattoo designs, you can get lost in the attempt, we know that it is an excellent choice for its impressive images, but you must be clear that its images, because they are gods, are somewhat large because they have details.

Among the favorite places for the realization of these Greek tattoos are the arms, legs and back.

However, if you want to have a small tattoo in relation to the ancient Greeks, you can visualize designs with letters that represent the gods and their warriors.

Something quite significant that when choosing letters for a tattoo you will have a good option since they have their Greek alphabet, you can make phrases in which it could be something intimate because few know this alphabet.

How many gods are there in Greek mythology?

The total number of gods is 14 gods, beginning chronologically with Zeus who is the son of Cronos, who with the help of the 12 gods, defeats his father; This makes him get the power of the gods and also creates Mount Olympus where they would live forever with their brothers and children.

This makes the search to get a tattoo more interesting, 14 designs with meaning of each of them that may interest us and be learning to make a good decision.