90 Cool Heart Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of images with cool heart tattoos. Browse through it and through…

Welcome to our gallery of images with cool heart tattoos. Browse through it and through the other galleries full of photos, to find the ones you like the most among thousands of tattoos. On our web server you will find the most handsome of the entire network.

It will help you to study what ideas, styles or designs you like the most when it comes to tattooing. A tattoo is something very important that you will surely wear throughout your life. Think carefully about what you want to tattoo, look at all the photos of tattoos that you have time to see before deciding on a specific design.

The symbology of heart tattoos

The heart is one of the most tattooed symbols and different meanings are attributed to it. Although heart tattoos seem like a repetitive design, they can be designed in many different ways to make it special and unique.

This has always been a symbol par excellence of love, but in ancient times it had other meanings: it represented vital energy for the Aztecs and was linked to the human intellect in ancient Egypt.

This tattoo is done with different shapes: from the simplest and the most linear, to the most complex, such as the representation of the anatomical heart or choose the old-school style rich in bright colors and surrounded by swords, anchors or bouquets of flowers. .

Let’s find out more about heart tattoos, from simple to realistic, with different meanings and the most beautiful ideas to do.

In fact, since tattoos exist, this peculiar design has been very popular in different cultures throughout the world. Although it is thought that it is more chosen by women, in reality the proportion is symmetrical for both sexes.

There are many ways to represent this design with different shapes, colors, and sizes. There is no precise area to place the tattoo, although many choose the chest to tattoo.

We often witness the tattoo of a heart pierced by the arrow of Cupid, the God of love. Usually the name of the loved one is associated with the composition, in such a way that it symbolizes eternal love towards him or her.

These types of designs are the most chosen by couples in love when it comes to tattoos for life, they usually choose minimalist tattoos.

Best Heart Tattoo Designs

So, if you are thinking of getting this tattoo, you should know that there is a great variety of styles, designs, shapes and colors; In addition to the aforementioned meaning, let’s not forget that the heart is a symbol of knowledge. The most popular areas for tattoo placement are the wrist, side, or shoulder.

The design depicting a broken heart is very popular as it symbolizes the loss of a loved one. Other relevant compositions are the completely black heart, usually in small dimensions, which represents a sad moment in the person’s life.

These heart tattoos are usually accompanied by the name of the deceased person, perhaps with the addition of angel or flower wings. Although, a completely opposite interpretation sees the winged heart as a symbol of freedom, which has nothing to do with love or personal relationships.

Nowadays, the representation of real hearts (in the anatomical sense) is becoming very popular, especially because they are very showy and full of colors.

The heart is one of the most popular designs to get a tattoo, especially among women. And it is mainly because they are more sentimental and give much more importance to love than men. There are thousands of different shapes and styles, you can do it in color, grayscale or no color.

Heart tattoo ideas for men and women

If you are a tattoo lover and show your love for someone, there are many tattoos that can help you. But heart tattoos are the most popular designs and ideas for lovers.

Heart tattoos are for men and women providing great diversity between heart tattoos with wings, arrows, names, angel wings, names, quotes, little birds and many others. These tattoos are always a recurring resource among couples in love.

Heart tattoos can be found in all styles, be it 3D, watercolor, tribal, and many others. The tattooed hearts will look great on your wrist, chest, arms, ribs, back, shoulder, arm, legs, ankles, feet, etc. available in small, medium and large sizes. You can also get temporary tattoos of hearts.

Some of the best heart tattoo designs and ideas for men and women are collected here. Let’s see what this gallery offers us.

Love in its different interpretations

As we have already said, the meaning that is generally attributed to the heart is that of love, although it can have different declines: the heart with a dagger represents, for example, the betrayal of a loved one or indicate a love that fights against hostilities, but can bear.

Also a religious meaning if the tattoo represents the sacred heart that may be surrounded by thorns to represent the pain of Jesus Christ. Instead, the broken heart symbolizes the loss of a very dear person, a way of communicating the pain that you carry within.

The heart represents spiritual love: for the Egyptians and for the ancient Greeks, the heart was considered the center of the emotional, spiritual and intellectual life of all men.

Friendship and procreation

When we talk about the heart, emotions are in the first place, then tattoos with hearts can also have meanings related to friendship, a central feeling in everyone’s life: it indicates the union with a person with whom we share ideas, emotions and feelings with which we feel strongly connected.

The heart also symbolizes the procreation of an indissoluble bond between the mother and her child. The lower part of the heart, in the shape of a triangle, represents the creation or birth of something new.


The designs of hearts that well mutate to a brain, flowers, landscapes or whatever you can think of, are already a reality. It is an original way of expressing why our heart is governed or in which we put more love within our daily lives. More and more people dare to get a half heart tattoo, half something else they love.