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Welcome to the largest gallery with images of infinity tattoos on the entire Internet. Nothing…

Welcome to the largest gallery with images of infinity tattoos on the entire Internet. Nothing more and nothing less, than more than 80 photos of the best tattoos for this 2021.

Our gallery is continually updated. Browse between the different pages to see all the tattoos. Choose the design that catches your eye the most, but don’t forget to read our recommendations first.

Tips for getting infinity tattoos

You have an idea in your mind that has been around for a while to get a tattoo, but you still can’t be sure of this decision, we start by asking ourselves what we really want to get a tattoo, remembering that it is a decision that is for life,

Do not worry, the uncertainty is normal when it is our first tattoo, starting with knowing what designs we want, the pain to experience and the care of it.

A fairly simple and attractive idea is infinity tattoos a good option to start in this world of skin art.

Decision: If you are going to get a tattoo and you chose the design of an infinity, you have to meditate because you really want this design, if it looks good on you, never act on impulse.
Visit: Go to places where they do tattoos so that you feel more secure when you decide to get your infinity tattoos.
Love: Think twice if the decision to get an infinity tattoo is for love, remember that it is for life and this symbol can become an unpleasant memory.
Professional: Whenever we want to get a tattoo done with an experienced tattoo artist, review their previous work so that the design remains as we imagined it from the beginning and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.
Semicolon tattoos

These designs became popular in 2013 starting with Amy Bleuel, a girl who got a semicolon tattoo to remember her father after suicide when she was only 18 years old.

With this, she wanted to encourage and give hope to other people with mental health problems and family members who have lost their loved ones to the same cause.

That is why it is a fabulous idea to choose this design giving a grain of sand and join such a noble cause.

Infinity symbol tattoo that means

The infinity symbol is a super cool idea that it represents never ends, today there is a variant to get meanings to these wonderful tattoos that are undoubtedly emotionally deep for those who choose them.

When we transform an infinity symbol into a tattoo we can play with the designs helping the reason why we do not want to do it, we can accompany it with objects, names and dates giving the idea that you want to remember that moment for a lifetime and that it lasts forever .

Infinity tattoos for men

For infinity tattoos for men we can choose a variation of a very unique design, that of Ouroboros, the snake that swallows the other, if we do it in the form of infinity we can give it a meaning of constancy and endless cycle a special reason to make it a man since it also means strength.

Infinity tattoos for women

Women have more sentimental and emotional reasons to get this type of tattoos, they seek to reinforce their feelings or a memory, they take these designs to make them eternal reflected on their skin

Most common parts for infinity tattoos in women:

Ankles: as they are designs that adapt to any size, they are ideal to do on the ankles, although we must inform that they can be a bit painful in these areas of the body
Shoulders: the shoulder is a very chosen place for this symbol since they look very good because of the space it provides, they can be accompanied with an object or drawing.
Dolls: lately in the different catalogs that we see we can get designs that are made on the wrist, they are not bad at all, commonly this side of the body is made by people who share this design with their partners. Friends or parents.

The realization of this tattoo that seems simple the meaning gives it a human connotation that we cannot miss if we like infinity tattoos.