60 LGBT Tattoos

Lgbt tattoos today are a symbol that is used to represent the pride of those…

Lgbt tattoos today are a symbol that is used to represent the pride of those who belong to this community. In this way, the variety of designs that you can find is quite wide, in case you are looking for where to inspire an original design.

These tattoos have also gained popularity due to the creative and minimalist designs that represent this community that today is struggling to have their rights recognized. To support this movement, there is nothing like a colorful tattoo.

Best lgbt tattoo designs

Lgbt tattoos have become a successful way that the people of this community have found to make themselves known as members and to express their support with the rest of it, being tattoos that are characterized by the colors of the flag of said community.

However, contrary to what many people think, the designs of these tattoos are not limited only to the initials of the community, but today it is possible to find a variety of designs, thus adapting to the tastes and styles of each person who is adds to the initiative.

Therefore, below we highlight some of the most striking models that can be worn by men and women in support of the rights of lgbt people.


If you are looking for a small design, this is a great option. Thanks to the colors that make up the flag of this community, it is usually represented in the shape of a rainbow, or simply through colored lines of considerable size on the wrists.


Many people in this community share that the rights to love should be equal for everyone, so among the most popular tattoos we have united or individual hearts filled with the colors of the flag of this community.


For those who prefer a more elaborate and more complete design, there are those who opt for tattoo designs that not only have a drawing that represents support for this community, but also support phrases that pray that love wins and that love is equal for everyone.

What do the colors mean in lgbt tattoos?

As we mentioned, lgbt tattoos are usually reduced to lines of specific colors or silhouettes and hearts filled with these colors that, in this broad community, have a specific meaning that must be known before joining the initiative.

The order of the colors of the flag of this community is as follows: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and spirit. Regarding the meaning, also in the same order, we have: sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, art, harmony and spirit.

To get a tattoo it is important to place the colors in the aforementioned order, as well as you must know that, according to what you want to support, you can also find other colors. For example, for lesbian pride there are other supporting colors. However, the final design will vary according to your style.