75 Life and Death Tattoos

Life and death tattoos are a theme that has always had relevance in this world,…

Life and death tattoos are a theme that has always had relevance in this world, not only because of the number of themes that can be created from fate, but because of their meaning. For all those fans of balance, these tattoos are a good choice.

These tattoos can be designed with a variety of elements and with different techniques; there are those who prefer the minimalist, while there are people who opt for more elaborate designs that have more than one color, shadows and details.

Meaning of life and death tattoos

Beyond symbolizing the beginning and end of everything, life and death tattoos represent the balance of life. These tattoos represent the safe future of all (death) and at the same time that which moves us forward day after day (life).

For this reason, there are many designs that can be created through this theme, while the meanings that can be given vary according to each person. There are those who choose to represent the departure of a loved one with this theme.

Life and death tattoos are complemented by many elements that represent each part, so if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on this topic, we recommend choosing very well what will represent the aforementioned.

How to represent life and death?

These tattoos are characterized by their details and elements, so if you want to accurately represent death, you should take this into account. Being an end, many people opt for skulls and corpses.

This is a way of representing life leaving someone’s body; on the other hand, there are those who opt for a cadaverous hand with a flower, an hourglass, a cross or a woman with a crown of thorns and a skull.

When it comes to representing life, many ideas come out of people. It is identified with birds, flowers, a beautiful face, butterflies, the sun, and a tree. Many of these motifs with colors that help them to represent life even more.

Life and death tattoo designs

Now, for tattoos that represent life and death, knowing that it represents each part, you can opt for a minimalist design that consists of a skull with flowers sprouting. You can also choose the shape of a skull crowned by a butterfly.

If you prefer more elaborate designs, we recommend complementing a skull skull with a clock with Roman numerals and flowers; You can also opt for an hourglass held by a hand full of life and a cadaverous one.

If faced with this broad topic of life and death, you are not sure what to choose, we recommend that you not only ask your tattoo artist to make a design according to your tastes, but also seek inspiration through the web.