104 Linear Tattoos With Great Designs

Linear Tattoos: Why Choose Them? If we talk about a trend regarding how the body…

Linear Tattoos: Why Choose Them?

If we talk about a trend regarding how the body should look in this new era; emphasizing not clothing or accessories, but something much deeper that remains for life; The tattoos.

Currently, the taboo of wearing a tattoo is increasingly extinct among the new generation who have taken on the task of making this method of expression see more as an art than leisure.

Tattoos can encompass various illustrations with different meanings, both their own and unrelated, that only their mere form can reflect our personality, experiences or situations of interest to each one.

What makes this so practiced today is the versatility in which these images can be captured by means of multiple techniques that are adapted to the taste of each person; Among them, linear tattoos have become one of the most requested techniques recently.

Linear tattoos today represent an aesthetic style based on simplicity through the implementation of thin or semi-thick lines, which are governed mainly by a geometric and minimalist process in order to generate a specific image.

These images can be anything that, with great care, can be generated giving an exotic, particular and unique air. See: plants, animals, people, symbolic elements made up of sometimes incomplete lines and much more.

The versatility of this tattoo style is that it can produce both simple and elaborate results.

Some of them can be reflected in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawing style. There are thousands of shapes that can generate an almost insane result in which geometry has total freedom.

Linear tattoo styles that are irregular

Lines that are not totally straight; rather angular.

Some very popular illustrations reflect an image that is specifically made up of a single drawing line that intertwines giving a scribble effect. The faces of people or animals tend to stand out more with this style.

Not all the time the appeal of linear tattoos lies in the precision of the figures, in totally straight lines that together make up an extremely precise perfection; irregularity is the new trend that has emerged since 2016.

Many are the artists who have even recreated ancient artistic works in tattoos using these exact and messy techniques; adding shapes or symbols to give an aesthetic air.

This is what makes linear tattoos so wonderful; they can form physical figures in abstract methods. There is always material that can be taken as a reference to create the perfect tattoo that you are looking for.

Despite the complexity involved in making this type of tattoo, its simple and minimalist finishes, even the most elaborate, enhance more than any full color tattoo. Remember that most linear tattoos are not complemented by color.

Prevailing the black and white palette is what makes it so particular; without so much filling or searching for shadows.

Some of the most requested figures are arrows, crosses and other symbols, hearts, and a very particular detail that is taking a lot of strength are complets, linear tattoos that are made imitating the shape of a bracelet surrounding a specific area of ​​the body: arms, forearms, wrists, thighs, ankles and more.

If you want to get a tattoo based on this technique, you should only consult with a tattoo artist who has notions about it. This method is delicate, especially if it is about objectivity in the perfectly linear geometrically; Although the style of a line or wavy has its own, it is usually more bearable than those that require a lot of precision.

Don’t think twice and choose a linear tattoo that represents you today.