58 Sexy Lip Tattoos

Welcome to our lip tattoo photo gallery. You will find many images that will surely…

Welcome to our lip tattoo photo gallery. You will find many images that will surely help you choose a tattoo style or design. Browse between the pages of our gallery to see all the tattoos that you have time to see.


Meaning of lip tattoos

The desire to improve or retouch physical aspects includes one of the great aesthetic needs, especially around women, but this fact continues to be a priority for many, which is why lately the application to lip tattoos has increased. so they have become much more common.

At the same time around this there are many questions about its implementation to look better, from a mole minimum, to the eyebrows, any of these anatomical parts is being a trend when tattooing today.

In the first place, the first myth that revolves around this kind of tattoos is the degree of pain involved in doing it, under this detail it must be borne in mind that the lips are a susceptible area, but it will ultimately depend on the pain resistance that is possessed The same happens for each tattoo in such sensitive areas, it all depends on yourself.

However, another thing to take into consideration is that this kind of implications causes an effect of defining the edge of the lips, this must be borne in mind so as not to have false expectations when wanting to get this tattoo and then not have the expected results .

The main idea about this class of tattoos was in principle to enhance the edge, correct a little inside but not directly as a tattoo but with techniques to blur that area, to enhance and combine the natural color, matching it, which represents a important point.

The choice of color is extremely serious and must be guided by the artist so that it does not look like something that is not natural or is not visually pleasing, the best advice is always to refer to the skin color when choosing, made for much more authenticity pigment based ink is used to make it look natural.

However, a variation of this tattoo was the revolution caused more recently in 2014 of wanting to do it inside the lip, since a renowned artist made this fact viral, it is not a novelty, but it was a trend due to the issue of influence that owns this singer.

Characteristics of tattoos on the lips

So it spread over time, but in this case it should be known that if the issue of pain must be taken into account, since it is in the mouth itself, there is greater discomfort, and in turn this area is very limited for the design, so you must be precise with what you want to have.

At the same time, it does not fit within the permanence or perpetuity of a conventional tattoo, because after a year it degrades by exposure and contact with saliva, the mouth, and the secretions from the mouth cause the ink to become run, which for many may be an advantage or a disadvantage.

On the other hand, the care of this tattoo is extremely greater than the conventional process, because it comes into contact with food and can be easily infected, therefore the risks and each of these stipulations must be considered to dare to do so, and without definitely scream with the bold and fearless style that wearing this tattoo represents.

In fact, both modalities of lip tattoos are confused with each other, or collide within this category, but with the necessary information of both inclinations it is much easier to be able to decide, on wanting to enter this world of lip tattoo, which at the same time long can end up generating the visual aspect that has been loved so much.

The lips by themselves are a symbol of sensuality, so it has also been sought to transfer to tattoos on other parts of the body, but on lips, since it is understood as a kiss, or in certain areas it can look sexy, as in the hip, and so on.

Due to this fact, the popularity of this type of lip tattoos is very high, and as for the issue of pain on tattooing the edge of the lips, many analgesic creams are applied that alleviate this aspect, so there is no concern when it is taken the firm decision, the important thing is the mental fortitude.

The desire to want to get a tattoo can more than any annoyance, which will only be a few minutes invested in obtaining a long-term result, which satisfies your needs and tastes.