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Minimalist tattoos are a growing trend, since they use sharp black lines, negative spaces and scattered color palettes to convey a clean and simple design.

These designs can be expansive or small, but the tattoo itself usually has precise and unique lines They create a concise general appearance.

This trend has a boom especially in tattoos for women especially for its simplicity and elegance. They are tattoos that are usually performed in short sessions, without causing excessive pain.

If your tolerance to pain is not very high, but you would like to wear a nice and discreet tattoo. This style of tattoos is without a doubt what you were looking for.

For those who appreciate fast, elegant and discreet tattoos. These minimalist designs are an excellent choice. Explore some of the most popular minimalist styles and see what symbols speak to you!



Flor minimalista tatuada en color
Minimalist flower tattooed in color
Tatuaje metamorfosis corazรณn a cerebro
Original minimalist tattoo
tatuaje rey leon akuna matata
Hakuna Matata


Most common minimalist tattoos and their general meaning

Due to its close connection to some experience and its interesting meanings, minimalist tattoos have become an option to consider for many.

Those who intend to make a completely meaningful design, without giving greater importance to the size, colors or style.

Some of them have a large list of meanings, others simply represent an experience or perspective on life.


To discover more about what minimalist tattoo to add to your collection, we present some ideas that have achieved fame because its simplicity can express more than what is seen at first sight, containing in themselves, meanings of great importance to whoever has.


Antlers: a simple outline drawing of a deer’s antlers. The large antlers give a deer a sexual prowess and, therefore, are a symbol of pride, nobility and virility.

tatuaje de flor minimalista
Sexy female tattoo

Arrow: an arrow design can have multiple meanings, one of which is the courage to move forward. The meaning of arrow tattoos has many variables, depending on each person, it is important to provide a unique perspective to this design, however, it is important to remember that the arrow represents attitude, accuracy, confidence, among others.

Black heart: a miniature black heart usually honors a sad loss, to show the pain or to mark the end of a relationship.

Equal sign: this symbol, which means egalitarian love, is compatible with the LGBTQ community. Created in 1995 for the Campaign for Human Rights, this design usually appears in blue and yellow or in pink and red, in support of marriage between people of the same sex.

Symbol of infinity: represented by an “8” on its side, the symbols of infinity represent the mathematical principle of infinity. This symbol represents unlimited possibilities, and can also represent rebirth or reincarnation.

Lock Eye: This minimalist tattoo design can be independent or with a key associated tattoo. The keyhole commonly represents freedom, mystery or the protection of valuables. When accompanied by a key couple tattoo on another person, this represents a commitment to love.

Musical note: a single black musical note often represents a passion for music. Learn more with our complete list of tattoo meanings related to music.

Triangle: This symbol has a variety of associated meanings, which represent a series of special trinities. The triangle with its point up represents masculinity and femininity, when it points downwards.

girl power tattoo
Feminist tattoo

Orion Belt: one of the most outstanding constellations, this design bears the name of Orion, a mythological Greek hunter. The minimalist version of this design is usually represented by a series of linearly interconnected points.

Roman numerals: these ancient letters are used to represent important dates in personal life, such as a birthday or an anniversary.

Swallow: This small bird design is a symbol of health, loyalty and safe travel. The minimalist version of this design is often presented as a silhouette of the swallow, which describes its general contours.

Vital signs: according to the graph of information lines on an electrocardiogram, this simple linear design reflects vitality and symbolizes life.

Crest of waves: the crest of waves can represent new beginnings or it can symbolize a special ability that we have to be improved.

Wedding ring: represented by a simple black ring around the ring finger. This tattoo can serve as an alternative to a traditional wedding ring, offering a symbol of commitment that is less expensive and does not run the risk of getting lost. Couples have taken creative freedoms with the design, adding their partner’s name or curved lines.



These are just some of the designs that have become popular minimalist tattoos. Take a look at the gallery below to get a better idea of the aesthetic, and do not hesitate to leave us a comment with your own ideas!

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