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Welcome to our photo gallery with name tattoos for all kinds of tastes. Browse through…

Welcome to our photo gallery with name tattoos for all kinds of tastes. Browse through it and the other galleries full of photos, to find the ones you like the most among thousands of tattoos.

On our web server you will find the most handsome of the entire network. It will be useful for you to study what ideas, styles or designs for name tattoos you like the most when it comes to tattooing. A name tattoo is something very important that you will surely wear for a lifetime.

Think carefully about what you want to tattoo, look at all the tattoo images that you have time to see before deciding on a specific design.

Examples of name tattoos

A very popular category of tattoos is represented by name tattoos for women and men, although in fact they can be easily cataloged under written tattoos.

It is a quite special option, which differs from the typical tattoos, as someone who has a true passion for this art, in these cases we can find phrases in various symbols representing experiences or lifestyles.

It is also said of those who tattoo names, phrases or words that they do not have much imagination since it is something that anyone can do. On the other hand, a tattoo of a beautiful drawing is a work of art worthy of admiration.

In fact, name tattoos are very popular because of the lightness of the meaning, at least on the interpretive level, and because of the simplicity of the realization, since they are almost always characters of the alphabet.

Although name tattoos have been around for a long time, in recent years their demand has increased a lot. Thanks in part to couples who want to immortalize their union on the skin, the same happens with parents and their children or those who lose a loved one.

The first real reason why a person chooses to have someone’s name tattooed on their body is related to the romantic relationship that unites them.

Whether it is a love at first sight or a love conquered, whether it is a story that has just been born or that was forged several years ago, the meaning of tattoos with names is not always the same: to declare forever the indelible belonging (understood as possession) to the beloved person or pet.

It is very common to use italics to highlight and give greater meaning to the tattooed name. With these tattoos on the hands or feet you can go less unnoticed.

This tribute can be public and name tattoos are usually made to be liked more, generally on parts of the body such as the arms, neck, chest, hands, wrists, ankles and feet, or they suppose an even more intimate value and personal to the name.

This is the case of those who, in addition to sealing their union with the inscription of the name on the skin, also decide to make the private tattoo. That will then be visible only to the couple, as is the case with the names tattooed in the peripheral inguinal areas, on the chest. In the buttocks and even in the male genitalia are parts of the body that despite the pain, some decide to make a tattoo of the name.

Name tattoos on the back

While these are designs that have no cultural value, the decision to get life-long name tattoos should be made with caution as this indelible mark will remain on your body even if your relationship has unfortunately come to an end.

In fact, especially if it is too visible, it is not possible to transform writing into something else and you will have to live for the rest of your years with a memory, beautiful or ugly, that somehow marked a phase of your existence. This style of tattoos is more suitable for men, since they are usually large tattoos, sometimes very associated with street gangs.

The problem almost always arises with the beginning of new relationships, since the new partner could be a bit jealous. The solution could be represented by another tattoo dedicated to the new love.

In the case of names of relatives, names of children or names of loved ones, it is a great show of affection, to get a large tattoo of the name on the back as a symbol of importance and relevance.

Tattoo of names, flowers and butterflies

Another reason why people choose these tattoos is because of the names of their children. In fact, for a parent, the child is the most precious thing that can exist, a part of our existence that must be defended with the nails.

We recommend that you type the name in lowercase italics with the initial letter in uppercase and avoid writing everything in uppercase because, exactly as it happens on the web, this means “shout”. Instead, you can enrich your name tattoos with ornaments, flower tattoos, small decorations, small heart tattoos, butterfly tattoos or star tattoos.

For this reason, both fathers and mothers decide to engrave the name of the offspring on the skin to emphasize the affective value towards the newborn baby, a sign of the invisible bond that unites children with parents.

Almost always, the risks associated with these tattoos should be quite low, whatever the case, the affection of parents towards their children will always be the same.

A very intimate example of name tattoos

Finally, tattoos can be used to remember an event, a city, a place, an important person (different from children and lovers), a VIP, a passion.

Many get tattoos of events, relevant people or even a pet, it is possible to take a trip that has changed your perspective on life and want to immortalize that moment by making a tattoo with the name of the city or the exact panorama that influenced your life.

For many others, pets are a very important companion in life and are part of the family, so tattooing the name of your dog or pet can define the great connection with them. You can visit dog tattoos from here, cat tattoos or wolf tattoos from here.

Acknowledging your admiration for someone, there is nothing wrong, in fact, many people get tattoos of the names of artists, singers or famous people that they consider interesting or admirable.

Having clarified the main cases in which tattoos are chosen with names, let’s now look at the other characteristics.

As mentioned when we talked about writing for tattoos, you have to pay attention to several parameters so that your tattoo, even if it is just a name, can be considered a true work of art.

First of all, the size, which will be chosen in relation to the area to be tattooed (it must also be chosen carefully) so that it is not too visible but at the same time, not too small.

The second thing you need to think about is the font, which is the type of character the name is written with, it can be tested with a text editor like Word and find the one that meets your needs.

One last consideration is the color, in this case, follow the heart and choose your favorite color, that of the loved one or perhaps a color that has a particular meaning such as sea blue, sunny yellow, hope green, passion red, etc.