107 Nordic Tattoos With Exclusive Designs

Origin of Nordic Tattoos The mythology and origin of the Vikings is so interesting that…

Origin of Nordic Tattoos

The mythology and origin of the Vikings is so interesting that many choose to embody some aspects in their skins. In this way, Nordic tattoos have many possible meanings and designs. Each one with its respective charm.

Therefore, in this article we will present what you should know about this topic if your desire is to seek inspiration to get a new tattoo. Thus, Viking and Norse images are variants, which can be adapted to both genders. With multiple designs and styles, depending on the creativity of each one.

From this trend it is impossible to locate its origin in the world of tattoos. What is certain is that it is remarkably based on the ancient people of the Vikings. Mainly from the Scandinavians, since the strength and fear imposed by their culture is a source of inspiration for many tattoo bearers.

The style of Nordic tattoos is very interesting. Because it can be used in the minimalist tattoo, the neo traditional, the hyperrealism and even full color. And the impact they produce when observing them is characteristic and representative of that ancient culture.

Viking culture worn on the skin

What is mainly embodied in Nordic tattoos is Scandinavian mythology. Which has some well-known stories about the adventures and journeys of the protagonist gods. Stories that have been transmitted by word of mouth, without any text. Which is quite impressive and shows the might of this culture.

Norse folklore is also represented on the skin by ancient symbols, which were believed to possess great spiritual power. Which are known as runes, with different variations and meanings that can be easily used in minimalist tattoos.

In such a way that there are hundreds of variations based on this culture. But they can be grouped based on the most popular Nordic tattoos of this style and their particular meaning.

Nordic tattoos and their meanings

There are many Nordic symbols and themes that people often prefer when tattooing. Next, we show you the most popular ones.


One of the most important symbols of this culture, which is known as Odin’s Knot. It is represented as a series of interlocking triangles, paying homage to soldiers who fell in battle.


Also known as the tree of life, which is a highly relevant theme in Scandinavian beliefs. Since it represents the universe and the nine worlds: Midgard, Niflheim, Muspelheim, Asgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svartálfaheim and Helheim.


A symbol associated with protection, which the Vikings used to embody on their foreheads to provoke fear in their enemies and grant themselves invincibility.


It is an old compass style. It is tattooed to always remember the way, in case you are lost.


Also called the triple horn of Odin. It comes from a very old legend, which gave it the meaning of wisdom and poetic inspiration.


The legendary hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. Which has also been portrayed in the form of Nordic tattoos from various styles and forms, representing the protection and strength of said character.

More Viking runes

Another type of runes are those involved in the Norse alphabet, known today. Like Fehu, which is a talisman of financial good luck. Or Wunjo, which symbolizes the welfare state. They are excellent symbols to wear tattooed, as a belief in what they mean. Or simply for aesthetic tastes.

Jormungandr and other monsters

The first is a snake-shaped monster that was sealed to prevent it from causing calamities. It is usually a mainly aesthetic and complex tattoo motif. Also, the wolf Fenrir who is a hound of enormous magnitude.

So there are many options to see when choosing a Nordic tattoo. However, they all demonstrate the beliefs and faith that these ancient populations had.