Welcome to our website of tattoo photos! Find all the images of small tattoos you are looking for, browsing our galleries. The small tattoos have the peculiarity of hurting very little since they end quickly, also with them you can go filling areas of the body without tattooing. Small tattoos are very fashionable and it is always fun to search through someone’s body what they have tattooed.

We encourage you to do many tattoos and get a lot of ideas from our galleries full of photos. You only have to click on the images that you like the most to see them at a larger size or download them. You can do it from any device with Internet access.

Thinking about tattooing for the first time?

tatuaje pequeño ojos en la muñeca
Eye tattoos on the wrists

If you do not have a tattoo yet, chances are you’re thinking of making yourself one even if it’s small. Among its advantages we emphasize that they are discrete and if you end up repenting, the evil will be much less than if you make a big one.

The small size tattoos are the ones that most people choose for their first experience in a tattoo parlor, since these are much cheaper, it hurts less to finish them, they are healed before, they have a great variety of images and drawings among them. that you can select according to your taste.

There are also people who used to tattoo a large part of their body, and this they do on innumerable occasions with very simple tattoos and thus be able to complete other tattoos, or complete some part of their body that is missing some space.

Tattoos have become very popular today, especially for those people who do not want to commit to a great work of art. Mostly these tattoos are usually chosen with simple designs that look good all the time.

Also tattoo designs that may have some meaning for their lives are selected. So in this way you may remember some important moment, a very dear pet or some special person. When you get a tattoo that means a lot to you, every time you look at it, the imagination will take you to that special moment.

That is why it is very important that your choice represents something important for you or that it symbolizes in some way a part of your life.

Another aspect to keep in mind if you are afraid of not being able to tolerate pain, better start with small tattoos, it will be the best for you. Most people who like small tattoos usually have them on their wrist. You can also make a collage of tattoos with very cool ideas and designs, here we show you some ideas that you can consider.

What small tattoo to choose?

When choosing a small tattoo we must be so sure that we will not regret it as if it were a larger one. Surely you will have some in mind, but we are going to give you some small ideas:

  • A good option is the words, letters for tattoos, quotes or phrases for small tattoos.
  • Another design is the birds that symbolize freedom. They can be captured in full flight, or if they are several also giving a sense of team and coordination for the most ambitious that always want to go further.
  • The small clover is another design that symbolizes balance and unity or luck if it is four leaves, a symbol adopted in Ireland called “shamrock” that is now fashionable in more feminine tattoos.
  • The musical notes are a design for all lovers of music, symbolize enjoy the beauty of sound. It is the perfect small tattoo for music lovers. A small note is delicate, elegant and will look great on any part of your body.
  • You can make a collage combining several designs of small tattoos like several hearts that symbolize love. A well worked and small tattoo design that can look great on the leg.
  • Also a scatter of stars that looks very handsome. The simplicity of the design works very well when combined with the unusual placement of the tattoo.
  • The phases of the moon are tattoos that are very good in areas such as the neck or wrist.
  • Silhouettes of animals, people or objects. They are tattoos that are performed very quickly with hardly any pain by not carrying any ink filling inside.
  • Small symbols, such as diamonds, dollars, euros, crosses, initials, spades, diamonds … etc. These tattoos and many more that you can think of, can be combined to tattoo areas such as the fingers and phalanges of the hand.


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