Samurai Tattoo: 73 Imperial Ideas

When you think of samurai, swords and battles will certainly come to mind. However, these…

When you think of samurai, swords and battles will certainly come to mind. However, these characters represent power, honor, respect, and courage. Therefore, samurai tattoos are a main option for many men.

The samurai tattoo can be designed in different ways, thus representing the figure of a fighter that can be accompanied by visual effects such as watercolors, or with shadows that complement the final result of the tattoo.

Samurai tattoo meaning

The samurai have been Japanese figures that represented a select group of people who were trained for battle; For this reason, they were figures who earned the respect, admiration and esteem of all people, being also a symbol of discipline.

Given this, we can say that samurai tattoos represent this for everyone who wears it. They are also responsible for representing the discipline that a person can concentrate to achieve their goals and the ability to see life differently from the rest.

On the other hand, there are those who used them to represent security, masculine courage and protection, being a tattoo that can also be complemented by the cherry blossom, which is responsible for being a representation for the soldiers.

Where are these tattoos done?

Samurai tattoos, being warriors, are usually made in large spaces, in order to take advantage of everything they have to convey with their image and variety of designs currently available.

Therefore, we highlight that the most common areas to perform them are on the back, arms and chest. In the arms, the entire figure of these warriors is usually appreciated, in black and white, accompanied by their weapons, representing even more power.

On the other hand, when these tattoos are made on the back, they are characterized by having a variety of elements that participate in the drawing; among them, there are those who add the Japanese huts, animals and even cherry trees.

In any place where these tattoos are made, it is important to keep in mind that the size has great relevance, since the objective of these samurai tattoos is to tell a story with elements that convey it in the appropriate way.

Other accessories for tattoos

In addition to the aforementioned, the samurai tattoo was also accompanied with the Bushido code. This was with which the samurai ruled their life and allowed them to distinguish themselves from other types of warriors of the time.

The word “Bushido” means “way of the warrior”, and there are those who in their tattoo designs, placed the 7 principles that governed the lives of these warriors, thus allowing them to lead a better life based on the aforementioned principles.

With this, you can take into account that samurai tattoos have different variations, in order to adapt it to what interests you most for a personalized result, thus combining it with the style that you like the most to represent these warriors.