90 Small and Tiny Tattoos ♦

Welcome to our website with photos of super original small tattoos !!!! Discover by browsing…

Welcome to our website with photos of super original small tattoos !!!! Discover by browsing our galleries all the images of small tattoos that you have never seen before. Small tattoos have the particularity of hurting very little since they finish quickly, and with them you can fill areas of the body without tattooing. Small tattoos are very fashionable and it is always fun to search someone’s body for what they have tattooed on them.

We encourage you to get a lot of tattoos and get a lot of ideas from our galleries full of photos. You just have to click on the images that you like the most to see them in a larger size or download them. You can do it from any device with Internet access.

Small tattoos for first timers

If you don’t have a tattoo yet, chances are you’re thinking of getting one even a small one. Among their advantages we highlight that they are discreet and if you end up regretting the evil it will be much less than if you become a big one.

Small size tattoos are the ones that most people choose for their first experience in a tattoo parlor, since these are much cheaper, it hurts less to finish them, they heal sooner, they have a great variety of images and drawings among the that you can select according to your taste.

There are also people who used to tattoo a large part of the body. They do this on countless occasions with very simple tattoos and thus be able to complete other tattoos, or to complete some part of their body in which some space is missing.

Tattoos have become very popular today, especially for those people who do not want to commit to a great work of art. Mostly these tattoos are usually chosen with simple designs that you like, without looking for a much deeper meaning.

As are also selected tattoo designs that may have some meaning for their lives. Thus, in this way, it may remind them of an important moment, a very loved pet or a special person.

When you get a tattoo that means a lot to you, every time you look at it, your imagination will take you to that special moment. That is why it is very important that your choice represents something important to you or that it symbolizes in some way a part of your life.

Another aspect to take into account if you are afraid of not being able to tolerate pain, better start with small tattoos, it will be the best for you. Most of the people who like small tattoos usually have them on their wrist.

You can also make a collage of tattoos with very cool ideas and designs, here we show you some ideas that you can consider.

What small tattoos to choose?

It depends on what you want to express with the tattoo, we will differentiate between men and women, because according to your gender and your personality one or the other will suit you better.

Here we leave you the best ideas to correctly choose a unique and original tattoo:

Small tattoos for men

Small tattoos for the male gender usually symbolize tastes and hobbies but there are also those who look for a more special meaning such as the name of a son, a mother or any little thing that is part of their day to day. These types of tattoos are especially indicated for first timers.

Here are some great ideas for small tattoos with meaning:

For computer men, you can always turn to an @, www, a PC, names of programming languages, names of operating systems or any nod to the virtual world of computers
Good tattoo ideas for men who are fond of gambling can be: playing cards, dice, roulette wheels, casino chips, lotteries …
Car lovers can always turn to tattoos of cars, wheels, gear levers, emblems, racing helmets, starting flags, goals …
For sporty men you can also resort to tattoos related to football, such as football boots, balls, shirts, shields … etc. If you like tennis maybe a small racket or if you like basketball a ball.

Small tattoos for women

Women when choosing a small tattoo must be so sure that we will not regret it, as if it were a larger one. Surely you have some small tattoos in mind, but we are going to give you some small ideas with meanings:

A good option for women are the words, letters for tattoos, famous quotes, verses or phrases for small tattoos.
Another very cool design for women are the birds that symbolize freedom. They can be captured in flight or at rest. If there are several flying, it also gives a sense of team and coordination for those who feel part of a group where everyone contributes something.
The small clover is another design that symbolizes balance and unity or luck if it has four leaves, a symbol adopted in Ireland called “shamrock” that is now in fashion in the most feminine tattoos.
Musical notes are a design for all lovers of music, they symbolize enjoying the beauty of sound. It is the perfect small tattoo for music lovers. A little note is delicate, elegant and will look great on any part of your skin.
You can make a collage by combining several small tattoo designs such as various hearts that symbolize love. A well worked tattoo design for women that can look great on the leg.
Also a scattering of stars that is very striking. The simplicity of the design works very well when combined with the unusual placement of the tattoo.
The phases of the moon are tattoos for women that look great on areas such as the neck or wrist.
Silhouettes of animals, people or objects. They are tattoos that are done very quickly with little pain as they do not have any ink filler inside.
Small symbols, such as diamonds, dollars, euros, crosses, initials, spades, rhombuses … etc. These tattoos and many more that you can think of, can be combined to tattoo areas such as the fingers and phalanges of the hand.