90 Awesome Soccer Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery with photos of soccer tattoos. You will find thousands of images…

Welcome to our gallery with photos of soccer tattoos. You will find thousands of images that will surely help you choose a tattoo style or design. Browse between the gallery pages to see all the tattoos that you have time to see. Inside our gallery we will show you some designs that you may like.


Football related tattoos

Soccer is more than a sport, it is a passion and it can lead its fans and followers to show their love for the jersey, for their idols or for the ball. We will talk about soccer tattoos and the different meanings they have.

Most men have a real passion for the sport, but the king of sports worldwide among the male gender will always be soccer.

Classic football tattoos

Soccer is the king of sports and it is demonstrated match by match by the huge number of people it moves, fans who follow their idols and legends. If the passion of this sport caught you at some point in your life, you will understand why having a tattoo about soccer on your body is worth it.

Soccer tattoos with balls

The characteristic symbol of this sport that is seen a lot both in fans and in the athletes themselves who play soccer at a professional level. The balls have a large number of variants, ideal for them to be personalized according to your own tastes.

To start we have one of the most striking, a tattoo of a 3D soccer ball that simulates that it is coming out of your skin. Done right it can make a big impression on the people who see it.

But besides this they are also seen from many other designs, it all depends on the idea and feeling behind the tattoo. We can see tattoos of soccer balls on fire or wearing a crown, implying that it is the king of sport on the planet.

Football teams

For all those passionate about soccer and amateur players, it can be said that what inspires a greater feeling of fanaticism are the teams. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Manchester United are some of the world leaders in this discipline.

And it is that as an amateur it is impossible not to fall in love, feel that great passion and want to capture it on your skin. Soccer teams are other of the most seen among this type of tattoos.

It can support many kinds of designs and styles, just black, color, 3D or whatever you see fit. Depending on the location of the tattoo on your body you can make it more or less large, but try to do it with a professional to avoid mistakes and regrets.

Soccer stars

The architects of this wonderful sport, legends whose feet dazzle the eye and fill millions of people with illusions. Personalities such as Pelé or Maradona and more current such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar, are specialists in filling the stands and it is not surprising that they also skin their fans.

Tattoos about soccer players can be of various types, of the player’s face, of a memorable moment in his career or on a shirt with his name on it. Everything will depend on the style and design that you want to give the tattoo, as well as its location.

Although this can be a delicate subject because imagine that your favorite footballer, the one you admire so much, goes to the direct rival, it is a type of tattoo that you have to meditate quite well and try not to win over the feeling.

Best areas for soccer tattoos

The first thing we see when tattooing ourselves is the design, how we want to represent the image that we seek to capture forever on our skin, its style. The second, but just as important, is to decide on which part of the body we will place the tattoo.

Regarding football tattoos, one of the most popular areas is the back, perhaps the best area of ​​the body to tattoo because it is the largest part of the body and is essentially flat, it gives an ideal opportunity to show the design.

Following we have the pectorals and legs among the most common areas in which these types of tattoos are seen. For example, you can see the typical tattoo of the shield of a football team on the heart to signify the love that one has for him.