90 Shining Star Tattoos

Welcome to our gallery of star tattoos. Browse through it and download the ones you…

Welcome to our gallery of star tattoos. Browse through it and download the ones you like the most. Thousands of tattoos so that you can study all the ideas and alternatives when it comes to tattooing yourself. A tattoo is something very important that we will surely carry throughout our lives. Think carefully about what you want to tattoo by looking at images of tattoos before deciding on a specific design.

Why choose star tattoos?

Tattoos have been with us for a long time, and they were even always there, since the beginning of civilization. However, in recent years its popularity of this has been increasing with the passing of the days and it is expected that in the next few years at least out of every 10 young people, one will decide to get one of the amazing star tattoos.

Well, there are many celebrities who made tattoos become a trend, as they are at their peak and so that you do not get left behind we will let you know everything you need to know about star tattoos, possibly you will convince yourself to get one .

There are many reasons why a person decides to get a tattoo, either to demonstrate an event that has marked her life or to represent something special.

Whatever the reason, there are many designs for this type of tattoo, you can find it from something very simple and small, to even a complex one of large proportions.

Star tattoos these days are very popular in the tattoo world, mainly because they symbolize many things, they were used throughout history as political, religious or emblematic symbols and sometimes representing the supernatural.

Star tattoos for men and women

They are ideal tattoos for men, but they are also great tattoos for girls.

Whether for a man or a woman, the tattoo design is different for everyone. Well, the shape, the style and the colors have a lot to do with it.

The tattoo is something too personal and it has to have something special that catches your attention. However, they almost always have the same meanings. But in some specific cases they can represent very different and disparate ideas.

Tattoos with stars: designs and meanings

There is no doubt that the stars have become one of the favorite figures for people when it comes to getting a tattoo.

In general, the back, wrists and pelvis are the areas usually used to make this type of tattoo, but not only because it looks aesthetic, but also for various reasons and one of them is the meanings that each of the tattoos hide. they.

Next, we will introduce you to some star tattoo designs and the meaning behind each one:

Most fashionable star tattoos

The stars have been there long before humans and will continue to be there when we are not. They are something that all civilizations have always observed and admired.

Some even considered the stars divine deities. They have always been in all cultures known as mysterious bright spots on clear nights.

Five pointed stars

It is the design commonly used and which means the search for balance and harmony. For this reason, many of the eastern cultures use the pentagram to envelop the Yin and Yang, which increases their meaning and brings people closer to the elements harmoniously.

Six pointed stars

This tattoo design is also called as hexagram or Star of David, it is popularly known as a symbol of religion. It is generally used in Judaism, which represents the interaction of man with God, being the link that manages to unite them.

Legend has it that David had a six-pointed star on the shield that he used to fight Goliath, for that reason, it is known as the Star of David.

Seven pointed stars

This design looks different from the tattoos mentioned above, it is not as common as a pentagram or the Star of David, however, it has an important symbolism, which is linked to the seven Chakras.

Well, as is known, in the past the number 7 was considered Kabbalistic, this in these days represents integration and mystical powers.

Eight and Nine Pointed Stars

In the case of the eight-pointed star, it was particularly a symbol that was very important in ancient Egypt. For each point represents a God at the time of the Pharaonic dynasty.

While the nine-pointed star represented the new elements that to achieve stability and the possibility of a change.