90 Exclusive Sunflower Tattoos

Discover the best most original sunflower tattoos of 2021. Below you will see a list…

Discover the best most original sunflower tattoos of 2021. Below you will see a list of photos of the best tattoos from our gallery with pagination included. Choose the tattoo images that you like the most. Browsing our interior pages of the galleries. Discover incredible sunflower tattoos and share them with all your friends.

Sunflower tattoos and their meaning

A plant with a huge central flower with yellow petals, many times in rustic areas and towns we see fields with industrial sunflower plantations. Inevitably it has a meaning that takes us to agriculture and simple life in the country.

As its name suggests, it is a plant that is characterized by following the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset, turning its huge head to capture all the possible energy from the sun’s rays. It is also characterized by being the plant that produces pipes as a fruit, so if you are a lover of pipes, you are in luck.

Do you like sunflowers and want to always carry them with you? If you answered affirmatively, in this article you will know several aspects about these sunflower tattoos to take into account when you decide to engrave this small or great memory on your skin.

It can be large or small, its appearance will be according to your tastes and preferences. The important thing is that you feel happy with the result, so it is good to know more about them.

Yes, and that is why they have become very popular among people who like to tattoo their skin. Its yellow hue signifies intelligence and life, as well as representing good luck and happiness.

For these reasons, sunflower tattoos are considered as a sign of spiritual knowledge, hope, faith, light, magic, and life. They are the most suitable if we want to give a good vibe to those around us, as they transmit joy and optimism.

Similarly, those who wear them print their personal meaning without losing their essence. You can make different designs according to the part of your body where you want to place it, but you must pay attention to the type of ink chosen to do it.

The result may vary if black ink is used instead of yellow, the latter is the one that helps it maintain its characteristic tonality.

How to cover sunflower tattoos

The first thing you should know is that yellow ink is difficult to remove, so it is convenient to think about it before doing it. Although at present this is not such a worrying thing, as there are many methods that can help to achieve it.

Another option is to cover the old sunflower tattoo with another one on top of it, this is known as a cover. It is important to mention that sunflowers are the most chosen to cover some other tattoo, thanks to their size. Although this depends on whether you want to make it large or not.

Risks involved in tattooing your body

The first thing you should ensure is that you have all your vaccinations up to date and make sure that where you are going to get a tattoo is an approved center with all the health guarantees. Because if the sanitary conditions are not adequate, it is possible that you will contract diseases such as hepatitis B or C, tetanus or AIDS, although the latter is observed to a lesser extent.

Keep an eye on your health, because any medical difficulty, no matter how small, can ruin the sunflower tattoo that you want to do so much. Situations such as heart conditions, infected wounds, diabetes or pregnancy in the case of women can lead to adverse results.

In this scenario, it is best to consult your trusted doctor to see if you can do it or if it is preferable to forget about this idea.

In the same way, both the mental faculties of the tattoo artist and his instruments must be in perfect condition. And that the center or the tattoo artist inform you about all the guidelines for the perfect curettage of the tattoo.

Care to have at home once the tattoo is done

You already got the sunflower tattoo and you are satisfied with the result! Ok, in this phase you also require a set of domestic care to prevent you from getting infected or any other adverse situation that endangers your health from happening.

When you get home the first day, it must remain completely bandaged and not allow any type of contact with the outside. Even if a scab appears, it is not advisable to touch or expose it.

Have with you a lotion to hydrate and an ointment with antibiotic function, use it maximum 3 times a day. For no reason do not put the tattoo in water, this is harmful.

As the days go by, the care will be easier and will decrease, but this does not mean that they will lose their importance. Do not expose it directly to the sun, it is preferable to do it by applying a sunscreen on the tattooed area.