127 Unisex Tattoos With Exclusive Designs

Thanks to the fact that today there are many people who decide to mark their…

Thanks to the fact that today there are many people who decide to mark their body, we can find a great variety of unisex tattoos. They can be modified to suit each individual and have a special meaning, as well as with colors and shades.


These unisex tattoos can be done in any area of ​​the body, however, many people choose to do them in the area of ​​the arms. Like any tattoo, these require special care while the skin heals to look its best.

Why a unisex tattoo?

Unisex tattoos are a type of tattoo that can be used by anyone regardless of gender, born exactly to dilute the beliefs that a certain figure belongs to women and other figures to men.

These types of tattoos are not only characterized by being able to be tattooed on anyone’s skin, but by having customizations and colors, so these designs range from animals and silhouettes to names and symbols of some cultures and religions.

Of these unisex tattoos we can also highlight that they are usually simple designs that do not incorporate many details of shadows or lines, so if you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, they are a great option.

Unisex tattoo designs

Thanks to the variety of unisex tattoo designs that you can find, below we highlight some of the most used and their meanings. However, this meaning may be different for everyone.


The designs of the planet earth and the galaxy are among the most used, especially in young people and of a discreet size. This design represents the curiosity that many people have to know the world and their need to travel.


Being part of the Hindu culture, this is an ideal symbol for any man and woman that represents the union with the supreme, the link between spirituality and the physical; In other words, it is the relationship between life and the entire universe.


From elaborate to minimalist designs, dragons are striking creatures that are known for being fierce and flashy. When it comes to unisex tattoos, they represent strength, purity, hope, wonder, and mystery.

Signs of the zodiac

Finally, the zodiac signs are ideal for any gender and represent the month of a person’s birth. However, there are also those who choose to tattoo the sign of a significant other or person in their life.

Where to get a unisex tattoo?

In addition to the unisex tattoo designs mentioned above, you can find many more customizable options that will vary in size. The latter is what allows them to be located in any area of ​​the body that is preferred.

Generally these are tattoos that are made in the area of ​​the arms and hands, neck and shoulders, feet or legs. If you want a small tattoo, the best location is on the hands or wrist, while if you want a larger option, the arms are ideal.