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tatuaje vikingo de una mujer
Woman with tattooed breast

As you know, Viking culture comes from ancient Nordic peoples that emerged in the Scandinavian peninsula a hundred years ago. And these days they are still reminded of the peculiar way of life they led. They were the most feared tribes back then.

For in their time they gained the reputation of bloodthirsty looters, as they traveled the seas seeking gold and rewards regardless of the danger they were exposed. They were real barbarians who only seemed to care about the war and their gods.

It is one of the cultures that has transcended and incorporated these days, where it is common to find people who make Viking tattoos to represent their strength and courage. For some it is a very interesting style, for that reason, in this opportunity we will let you know everything you need to know about this type of tattoo. It is possible that you convince yourself and decide to become one.

Viking Tattoos and Nordic Mythology

tatuaje vikingo en el pecho
Man with tattoos on his chest and arms

As we mentioned recently, Viking tattoos refer to the ornamental tradition of certain artistic elements left by the Nordic ancestors, such as wood carvings, broce and stone among others. In addition, the various stories where the Vikings were the main protagonists.

While Scandinavian mythology tells stories of the deeds achieved by the Norse gods, it is something that has endured over the years which were narrated orally from generation to generation and that is why in this day be represented by means of tattoos.

Symbols and meanings

If we try to mention the meaning of a Viking design you may find an interesting story behind each symbol. In this opportunity we will give you to know the three emblematic symbols of the Nordic culture and their respective meanings in the case that you want to make a tattoo with one of these designs:

Valknut tattoo: it is one of the most used symbols, some people know it as Knot of Odin and others as the Heart of the Fallen. It is said that they represent power and self-confidence. It is characterized for being a design of three mixed triangles, it is ideal if you want to have a Nordic style tattoo.

Aegishjalmur tattoo: it is also one of the most used tattoos these days, it is a design that draws much attention for the particular that is the design. It is a very used design that usually represents safety and protection, as it was one of the qualities that the Vikings had when fighting.

Vegvisir tattoo: tell the stories that this symbol was used to represent a compass and with which the Vikings can navigate the seas without any problem. For they were guided by the stars and the moon.

Futhark tattoo: are symbols used by the inhabitants of Scandinavia, are inscriptions that managed to survive with the passing of the years thanks to the Vikings managed to stamp them on stones, wood and clays. These represent power and the supernatural.


tatuaje vikingo en el hombro
Viking Badge

Tatuajes de Vikingos y el mar

In the case that you decide this type of tattoo, you will be referring to the numerous contributions that the Vikings achieved in the development of navigation and the wisdom they had after creating their ships. Viking tattoos related to the sea, may come to present boats and various elements of Nordic navigation.

Areas where you can get tattooed

One of the areas of the body to perform a tattoo of Vikings is undoubtedly the back. Well it is a large place and in which any large design could be attached without any problem. Other preferred parts of the body to get tattoos, are the arms. The most daring can tattoo their face as in the famous TV series “Vikings”.


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