Vintage tattoos, also known by some as retro tattoos, are characterized by the presence of bright colors and by being designs that were in force a few years ago. They are ideal for both women and men.

These vintage tattoos are also called “old school” and there are those who choose to fill their arms with this type of tattoos. If you are a fan of the colorful, the retro and the striking, today there are many designs that you will like and that are part of this category.


What is a vintage tattoo?

The variety of tattoos that we can find today is quite wide, so there is a whole category that is dedicated to vintage tattoos. They are nothing more than retro designs, of elements that have been in fashion for years.

Also known as “old school tattoos” are figures that are characterized by the presence of bright colors and striking designs. In this vintage category you can find everything from cars and flowers to silhouettes of women and household items.

Likewise, these vintage tattoos are an option that has always been popular because they can be done on the skin of anyone without being a figure that belongs to a specific gender. They also have different meanings according to the design.

Vintage Tattoo Designs

As we mentioned, when it comes to vintage tattoos, almost anything can fall into this category, as long as its design is retro and colorful. Therefore, below we highlight some of the most popular models in this category.

Video game

As well as video consoles, they are considered one of the main symbols of retro. The meaning that is attributed to the design is the love or nostalgia for these games that enjoyed popularity when they arrived on the market; there are those who use it to represent a memory.


On par with video games, cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s are an excellent representation of vintage style. As in the previous case, there are those who choose these designs to express their fanaticism or represent a happy time.


There are certain animals that are very common in everything that refers to vintage tattoos, mainly because of their designs that contain colors and few shadows; among the most common animals we have the eagle, the snake and the horse.

However, you can also find other options such as pirate ships, the rudders of these ships, skulls, swords, sharks and even flowers. As long as it’s retro in style, anything can be vintage.

What is the best place for a vintage tattoo?

Finally, we must emphasize that thanks to its attractiveness, vintage tattoos must be made in striking areas. Many people choose to show off their designs on the chest, arms and even legs, varying their size according to the design that has been chosen.