63 Warrior Tattoos in Images

Warrior tattoos are ideal for those who want to represent our roots, as well as…

Warrior tattoos are ideal for those who want to represent our roots, as well as it is a symbolism that helps them stay mentally strong in various situations, so it is possible to find a variety of warrior designs.

These warrior tattoos can be designed according to what each person seeks to represent, as well as they are usually used by men and in striking sizes, mainly on the biceps, breasts or back.

Meaning of warrior tattoos

Warrior tattoos can have different meanings according to the type of warrior it represents. For example, in the case of the Indian warriors. These are responsible for representing traditions, customs, ancestral wisdom and ancient beliefs.

These Indians are the most used and can also represent spirituality and wisdom. When it comes to other types of warriors, these can represent strength, greatness, endurance, and power.

On the other hand, in addition to using the warriors as a symbol to tattoo, there are those who choose to use elements that represent them, as is the case of the ships that represent the new adventures and treasures to be discovered.

Types of warrior tattoos

In addition to the aforementioned, there are popular warriors that will be of great help for those who want to get a tattoo with said warriors. Among them, we highlight the following so that you can choose the one you like the most:

Celtic warrior

These warrior tattoos are responsible for representing people who have Irish ancestry and as their name indicates, they are tattoo designs that also involve Celtic art as a complement, representing this culture.

These warriors are characterized by looking like Vikings, so among their main meaning we can highlight strength and virility, which is represented in a muscular man with a long beard.

Christian warrior

These warriors are generally known for the crusades that took place in the Middle Ages, which were in charge of fighting for the Christian faith. For this reason, in the tattoos of Christian warriors, their figure is complemented by the company of a red cross banner.

Geisha warrior

Although before they were not used warriors, today they are a representation of the intrigue, mystery and power that these warriors wielded, who were mainly in charge of serving only men.

Roman warriors

Among the warrior tattoos, the Romans are the most popular who are represented accompanied by the word “Carpe diem”, which translated means “Seize the day”.

Spartan warriors

The Spartans originating from Sparta (Greece) were famous for being the most feared military force in ancient classical history. They were citizens born and trained to be good soldiers.

Where to get these tattoos?

Warrior tattoos are characterized by being large and striking, which is why they are usually made in spacious areas and in black and white. Therefore, the most recommended areas for these tattoos are the chest, arms and back.

However, as we mentioned, this will vary according to what each person wants to represent, being able to complement these warrior tattoos are words or additional elements such as weapons and flags.