90 Very Colorful Watercolor Tattoos

Welcome to our watercolor tattoo photo gallery. You will find many images that will surely…

Welcome to our watercolor tattoo photo gallery. You will find many images that will surely help you choose a tattoo style or design. Browse between the pages of our gallery to see all the tattoos that you have time to see.

Watercolor tattoo technique

Watercolor tattoos, also known as watercolor, are a trend that has emerged in recent years which is about giving a gradient style to the tattoo with different shades of a color, such as a painting made with watercolors.

Watercolor or watercolor is a technique adopted by many tattooists around the world thanks to the fresh, colorful and natural style that it brings to tattoos, it should also be noted that with this technique different designs can be achieved that could not be done with the most common technique. traditional.

Despite being one of the most demanded techniques today, there are many who refuse to make a watercolor tattoo due to the difficulty that this entails because, if they do not know how to work them, these colors can run.

It should be noted that, unlike traditional tattoos, these tattoos do not have a guide line (that is, a black line that delimits them), so when working with this technique, it should be done with the greatest possible care that the colors do not mix.

This technique is characterized by being blurred, soft, and sometimes transparent lines in which the profiles of the figure do not matter but what is inside it.

These watercolor tattoos can be found with splashes, stains, drips and splashes of different colors and tones in the chosen figure. In addition, these figures are usually free and sometimes abstract.

Figures most tattooed with watercolor

Tattoo designs will vary according to the tastes of each person, so currently we can find designs of all kinds of animals, objects and animated movie characters.

As for the figures most painted with this technique, we can highlight the animated characters from different Disney films, owls, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers (both individual and in bouquets), among others.

Also these tattoos will vary their location according to the person who was tattooed, although normally people tend to tattoo them on the arms and forearms. However, these can be located behind the ear, on the legs, on the fingers, etc.

Regardless of the image that you are going to tattoo, we recommend that, according to the size of the tattoo, it can be done on the back, on the sides or on the chest, thigh or shoulders. In this way, original and sophisticated designs can be tattooed.

Watercolor tattoos for men

Just as each person is different, the tattoo design will vary according to each one. Previously we mentioned the watercolor tattoo designs that have been done the most in women, but in the case of men, these tattoo other things.

In men’s preferences we can also find character designs from certain movies, as well as animals (such as the lion, elephant or owl). Men also often tattoo musical notes or landscapes with mountains and trees.

How long are these tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos will last according to the care and provisions that each tattooed person takes. Like the rest of the tattoos, these need certain care and attention in the first days that they are made.

However, unlike common tattoos, these can become distorted or even lose their color over time, so it may be possible that they will be retouched after a certain time.

Since this is a very new technique at this time, there is not much information about how to care for them so they do not lose ink or how they will look over time.

Advantages of tattoos with watercolor technique

Watercolor tattoos, although they seem a bit overrated, do have many advantages for those who decide to get one or more. Watercolor tattoos add style and for many, they also provide security.

They are a way to attract attention and show who you are, since most people tend to tattoo things or phrases that have been significant in their life. Tattoos can also help you hide spots or scars on the body.

You must take into account when tattooing

If you are going to get a watercolor tattoo, you must make sure that the person who will make the tattoo, has successfully performed this technique before; We always recommend getting a tattoo with someone professional and experienced, as this technique requires advanced knowledge.

At the time of tattooing, we also recommend you go with a clear idea of ​​what exactly you want and you should be open to hearing changes, as many tattoo artists can improve the idea we have in mind.