90 Flower Tattoos For Women And Men

Access our gallery of flower tattoos with more than 90 images. Browse between the internal pages of the gallery while looking for the tattoos that you like the most. It is important that you see many different styles and designs before choosing. Don’t waste any more time here below you have all the photos.

Why a flower tattoo?

You may have in mind that flower tattoos are the most beautiful, and it is something that many people are also very clear about. It does not matter if they are small, large or medium flowers, there are different designs and of different sizes that would convince anyone when it comes to getting a tattoo.

Flowers for many inspire freedom, happiness and love, various feelings related to positivism. However, for other people it can mean feelings that make you remember a person, an event that has impacted your life or any other nice excuse to get a beautiful flower tattoo.

It is the type of tattoo that looks great on any area of ​​the body, just choose a simple flower to tattoo on the wrist, tattoo on the foot, on the nape or tattoo on the shoulder.

In the case of choosing a design of large proportions, it is possible to place it in larger areas of the body. Next, we will introduce you to everything you should know about flower tattoos, you may be surprised and really want to get a tattoo.

Tattoos with flowers for men and women

There is no doubt that flowers are the favorite designs when choosing a tattoo for women, it is a very delicate drawing and rarely easy to do, but precisely because of that it does not mean that it is only a tattoo for women.

Well, these days you can find many men with this type of tattoos that often ends up being better appreciable than in women.

Despite that in the world of tattoos, personal style always predominates, do not wait any longer and let yourself be inspired by the images that I will show you below.

Flower tattoos with small designs

These days small tattoos are a trend and when it comes to flower designs it is much more so, and not only because of how pleasant it is, but also because it can be located anywhere on the body which allows it to go unnoticed if so you wish.

Here is an example of a simple tattoo that you may like.

Meaning of flower tattoos

Aesthetically, tattoos with flowers look very good on all people, from the lotus flower that is very popular these days and even tattoos with roses, almond blossom, Japanese flowers and among many more. However, getting these types of tattoos have a meaning and that you possibly had no idea, we will introduce you to some of them:

Lotus flower tattoo

The lotus flower represents beauty and spiritual purity, while the leaves a positive beginning and spiritual awakening. It is a very popular design among women and is possibly an option if you are deciding to get a tattoo.

Japanese flower tattoo

It signifies the arrival of a positive time, spring. However, you can also find different meanings, many of them depend on the variety of the Japanese flower.

Rose tattoos

To know the meaning of the roses you must consider the color of this, for example: yellow represents joy, white purity, red love, black can mean death or darkness … etc.

The rose is a flower that never goes out of style and is always an eye-catching tattoo that will never go unnoticed.

Hawaiian flower tattoo

Like rose tattoos, the meaning of these will depend on the color of the flower and it happens in the same way as them, the same description and the same meaning.

Cherry blossom tattoo

An ideal tattoo for a woman. The cherry blossom is a very representative part of Japanese culture where it is known as “Sakura”. It represents delicacy, femininity, feminine sensuality and love.


Ink for flower tattoos

Like all tattoos, black ink is essential to make each of them. However, when it comes to tattoos with flowers, many times colored ink is used that usually look great. Today you can find various color techniques such as diluted, watercolor and blurred.

Next, I will show you some other options of possible designs that could please you with color techniques for flower tattoos. Among you can find the following:

  • Black flower tattoos
  • White ink flower tattoos
  • Colorful flower tattoos