For all people with a great sense of humor, the variety of funny tattoos that can be done is wide. They combine famous characters with animated characters, colors and techniques that will be liked by anyone.

Funny tattoos are one of the funniest ways to capture and express your sense of humor, so you can customize existing designs for your own sense of humor. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, these are your best options.

Why a funny tattoo?

Funny tattoos are a great option not only to raise the sense of humor with others and with ourselves, but because it is an alternative to provide color to our body.

Thanks to the creativity of many people, the tattoo motifs are quite broad, including animated characters, artists, animals, faces, shadows, and more. These are also models that you can customize to refer to a specific joke or not.

In any case, these funny tattoos are also very much used by those who seek to obtain their first permanent mark, made mainly in the area of ​​the arms and shoulders where they will be most visible.

Funny tattoo designs

As we mentioned, it is possible to find a wide variety when it comes to funny tattoos, so below we share some of the main designs that you will find according to your taste.


For those people who are fanatical about animals, this is an option that includes a jumpsuit. It is a tattoo to be made in the navel area because it places the animal on its back, simulating the navel to be its anus.


If you are a fan of Eminem and chocolates, this design will make you very funny. These are the popular M&M chocolates where the design places one of its chocolates with Eminem’s face issuing a salute. This thanks to the pronunciation of the brand and the name of the artist.

Looney tunes

Being one of the most popular cartoons of all, the options of funny tattoos with its design are wide. In this case, one of the most used designs is that of the Coyote with a help sign being crushed by a weight, very much in the style of the cartoon that we all know.

Badly done tattoos

This may be a crazy idea for some people, but among the most popular funny tattoos we have those that seem to be drawn by inexperienced people, especially when it comes to animals.

Before getting tattooed

Funny tattoos are a type of design that should be thought through before being done, because after a while they may no longer be to your liking. Therefore, we recommend you get a temporary tattoo or look very well for a design of your liking and humor.

On the other hand, we recommend doing it with the help of a professional and maintaining strict care with it while it heals. Like any tattoo, its appearance and durability will depend on the aforementioned care that is given to it.