Welcome to our gallery with amazing Harry Potter tattoos. We have thousands of tattoo designs in recent years. They will give you an idea in case you want to go for a brutal harry potter tattoo. Fans of the Harry Potter movies will find plenty of references to their idols inked on their skin.

Harry Potter Tattoos “The Deathly Hallows”

Harry Potter is one of the most popular literary and film phenomena in this new era. Authored by J. K. Rowling; This sensational saga has long marked millions of its viewers through its ten volumes, films and continuations that come from the direct perspective of the life of the famous protagonist, Harry.

For fans and loyal fans, it is very common to show their love and admiration by acquiring Harry Potter memorabilia: accessories, clothing, collectible figures, objects that represent epic moments within books and films, etc.

But for many who have followed the works of J. K. Rowling for years, they have dedicated themselves to marking that same love for Harry Potter through a method that will be marked in them beyond her heart; the skin.

In this article we will show you the most iconic and meaningful Harry Potter tattoos that every PotterHead would like to have; its significance within the saga, its own popularity and more!

Perhaps one of the most popular tributes from Harry Potter fans to commemorate in a tattoo.

The deathly hallows are made up of three elements of high relevance within the saga: the resurrection stone (the philosopher’s stone), the invisibility cloak and the elder wand. These relics are known within the story of “the three brothers.”

It is made up of three interlocking elements: an equilateral triangle with a circle inside its axis, to later divide both figures with a vertical strip. From there it is represented in the triangle: the cloak of invisibility. The Circle: The Stone of Resurrection (The Philosopher’s Stone). And the vertical strip: the elder wand.

Expecto Patronum (Enchantment)

Within the saga, the Expectro Patronum is a spell used to drive away dementors. It is exposed in a luminous figure of high power that takes the form of an animal according to the magician who invoked it. The animals that appear are not usually the same between magicians; Professor Snape has been the only one to show similarity in his Expecto Patronum to that of Lily Potter, where he expresses himself in the form of a deer.

This ends up being another unique item that fans choose to wear on their skin due not only to the nature of this spell in its first appearance. But its high background meaning to the figure of the deer.

Platform nine and three quarters

For many of those who think, what are the most relevant Harry Potter symbols? The signal for platform nine and three-quarters cannot be ignored. The place where our protagonist meets his best friend Ron Weasley and part of his family; the place where he will embark on his life’s journey until he reaches Hogwarts.

Surely remember how funny the station number is to Muggles, but how important it is to student wizards; the peculiar way to get there I went through a brick wall and found it; that’s where the magic is felt.

The snitch

One of the great attractions of Harry Potter is where everyday situations are described for Muggles but in a magical version. Such is the example of the iconic sport of “Quidditch.” Within the game there are various elements that intervene during the matches.

When you see what these elements are for the first time, they describe one that will be remembered forever since he appeared in “The Philosopher’s Stone” until he reached “The Deathly Hallows.” We are talking about the so famous Golden Snitch.

Phrases to remember

In addition to the physical elements that entrap the PotterHeads, there are many written references that can commemorate your passion for Harry Potter and you can get a tattoo.

It is here where you enter various significant phrases within the universe which when represented in a tattoo, regardless of the type of lettering, those words are powerful and remind us of those moments or situations that shook us or filled us with multiple indescribable feelings:

“Always / Siempre” (Snape’s phrase)
“Mischief done…”
“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic” (Dumbledore’s phrase)
“I open at the close” (Snitch)

These are some of the most iconic and meaningful Harry Potter tattoos of all. No matter which one you feel is better, what matters is that it reflects that feeling that only you can perceive before this great work created by the amazing J. K. Rowling.