Horses are beautiful and unique animals, which is why many choose them as a reason for a tattoo. Horse tattoos expose different characteristics and personalities of each individual, from elegance, freedom, strength, attitude. to power and companionship.

Therefore, many people choose a horse tattoo to always carry the image on their skin. And each horse tattoo meaning varies according to the design that is made.

Horse tattoos to inspire

Women mostly choose a simple horse design to express characteristics of elegance, freedom, strength and courage. Instead, in men, the realistic technique is one of the most used horse tattoos. In this way they carry extremely faithful representations of the horse, its strength, speed and elegance.

The realistic style is one of the most popular in horse tattoos. In this way we can portray a real horse figure, with all its characteristics and meanings when capturing the essence of the steed on our skin. A winged horse such as the mythological Pegasus often serves as a symbol of affection for a specific horse that has died.

As in pet tattoos, these horse tattoos symbolize the passage to the astral plane of an animal that has marked our lives. The same goes for a horse tattoo with a heart, in this case for love and friendship. It can be a dead or alive horse, but the most important thing is the message of gratitude and affection for the animal.

Horseshoes are a symbol of protection and good luck. They are usually used in many horse tattoos because they are easy to do and their meaning for happiness spreads all over the world.

Some areas of the body to make a horse tattoo

On the wrist, horse tattoos should usually be medium or small. However, a good artist knows how to take advantage of the space he has to create great creations with a minimalist or realistic style.

Varieties of horse tattoos of different sizes with different styles are usually made on the arm, it is an area that is used to the maximum to perfectly reflect the love for horses or just the values ​​that the animal represents. In the back, some artists develop their style and make the most of the work space to create abstract, colorful or black and white backgrounds in the horse tattoo.

A horse tattoo on the back often creates surprise and admiration. Horses are part of human culture like the bicycle or the dog. It was the most useful animal for the great transfers of humanity and man endowed it with a powerful and rich symbolism that we will review

The horse is represented by many deities in many religions around the world. A Horse is the image of fast travel and the freedom and mobility it brings us. Although the horse was not a creature native to the Americas, it brought with it a changeable element that quickly became a powerful and revered spirit among the natives there.