Kraken tattoos, mainly used by men, is one of the most used designs today. It is a monstrous marine creature that represents danger, mystery, the relationship between the sea and animals, as well as intelligence.

In this way, the kraken tattoos that can be found today, or that can be designed, are usually complemented with other elements such as ships (specifically pirates), sea bubbles or others, according to the taste of each person.

Meaning Kraken tattoos

Kraken tattoos are designs that have enjoyed popularity, especially among those who are fanatical of the ocean and all the mysteries that it holds. In this case, the kraken is known as one of them.

Having the shape of an octopus, but with a larger size, it is an animal of Norse mythology to which certain powers are attributed, so a tattoo of it can symbolize exactly that: the mystery and the power that this species encompasses.

On the other hand, it is also a symbol that represents danger, because in addition to being quite powerful, the kraken were quite dangerous mystical creatures, especially popular for the appearance that this species had in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Finally, kraken tattoos are responsible for symbolizing physical strength, especially in those people who have had to face hard times in life, so the design is usually accompanied by pirate ships wrapped in their tentacles.

Where and what design to be carried out?

Kraken tattoos are not only found in a variety of designs, but also in different sizes, although they are usually done in a large size. However, this will depend on the taste and preference of each person.

As for the designs that you can make, today it is very common to find the figure of this animal, as well as a black and white figure that exposes its long tentacles. If, on the other hand, you prefer more elaborate designs, you can complement it with extra elements.
With the latter we refer to the kraken tattoos that have a pirate ship trapped, those that are combined with mandalas or the silhouette of the sea, as well as those with sea flowers or compasses and skulls.

In spite of everything, the choice of design will depend on what you want to represent. These tattoos are usually done in large areas such as the back, especially those that combine several elements such as those mentioned above.
If what you want is a simpler design, you can choose to make the design on the arm, also allowing considerable space for a fairly complete design. Ultimately, you can also go for a kraken tattoo on your leg.

If even with this you feel indecisive as to the type of tattoo and where to get it, you can choose to consult with the opinion of the professional tattoo artist, because thanks to his experience, he will be able to give you guidance on any questions that arise before putting the design on the skin.