Lightning tattoos are elements that we will always find in fashion thanks to the versatility of this figure. With it you can find a wide variety of designs that adapt to our personality and what you want to represent with them.

Lightning tattoos have different meanings, among which we can highlight the power they emanate, which is enough to cause the death of a person. These can also be found represented with other elements for another meaning.

Lightning Tattoo Meanings

Lightning tattoos have always been in fashion, mainly due to the admiration that humans have for this phenomenon, which is sometimes represented in the company of electrical storms.

The lightning is an element that for many people symbolize power and to have a symbol that represents the shocking. On the other hand, there are those who choose lightning tattoos to represent a television series or movie, such as Flash or Harry Potter.

If we focus on Greek mythology, it is said that Zeus is the god in charge of sending lightning to earth, so a tattoo with this element can symbolize admiration for this god, as well as admiration for Thor.

For its part, the Celtic culture considered this element as something sacred. For the primitive tribes, the lightning symbolized the truth, while for the Chinese, this is a symbol of fertility.

When it comes to lightning, generally these allow to symbolize a reliable person, with primary impulses or even to represent the creativity of this spontaneous figure.

Finally, we can say that lightning was also widely used by primitive humans to represent emotions. However, the meaning of these lightning bolt tattoos will vary according to each person who opts for them.

Types of lightning tattoos

Being a highly used symbol in tattoos, it is possible to find different types of lightning tattoos that can perfectly represent what you are looking for. These types of tattoos range from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Generally, the lightning tattoos that are made are the shape of the same, being a minimalist presentation of the figure. This can also be complemented with an object such as a cloud, shadows or colors that highlight said figure.

On the other hand, these lightning tattoos can be found more elaborate, including more elements that allow them to tell a story; in this case, there are those who opt for designs that include a sea agitated by the rain of lightning, storms can even be found within the figure of people.

Where to get lightning tattoos?

As we mentioned, the rays are elements that can be represented in any way you want and of any size, so they are ideal for any area of ​​the body. These are usually depicted on the arms or legs.

When it comes to a much larger tattoo, it can be represented in the area of ​​the back or the biceps. However, all of this will vary according to the design each person has in mind.