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Native American Indian Tattoo Ideas

Native American Indian tattoos are full of special meaning. Coming from a culture as rich and loaded with symbolism as that of the American Indians, they make them especially popular with tattoo lovers.

It is many people who feel a particular attraction to ancient cultures and traditions. Unraveling secrets and meanings behind some myths and symbols of these past societies is a hobby that consumes the free time of many fans of the subject.

War symbolism of Indian culture in America

One of the most common among the choices of people who want to get a tattoo about Indians. They are tattoos with references to the warrior heritage of the Indians have a special meaning. Contrary to what one might think, they do not refer to savagery or bellicosity, but a warrior spirit.

This type of tattoos of Indians are characterized by typical weapons that they used as axes or knives and facial paint, which represents the one that was used to be placed on the face in rituals before going to battle. They believed that the symbols designed on their skin had magical elements that protected them.

Also with these paintings they used to represent their exploits in battle or their spirit guides. Native American Indians had a great connection to nature and the spiritual world around them.

And the feathers that also carried great symbolism, being able to mean freedom, trust, honor or strength. Very important in the American Indian culture and tradition because a pen was only received when something important, a feat or some achievement was achieved.

Indian tattoos with dreamcatcher designs

It is normal that as time passes, the real meanings and the reasons why certain types of tattoo designs were made are modernized or normalized, losing a bit of their original essence.

It is something that happens to dream catchers, which, although their ancestral meaning is still preserved a bit, has changed in the last decades since they were commercialized by the Indians themselves.

Dreamcatchers were originally made with the intention of protecting the user who carried them from bad energies through magical properties. They served to take care of good dreams and thoughts and attract or remove negative energy.

For example, according to the legend of some Indians known as “ojibwa”, good dreams and thoughts slipped through the net, passing through the feathers to the person who wore it, while the bad ones were trapped by the fabric and died. with the first light of dawn.

However, nowadays the term dreams are confused with wishes, desires or personal goals to achieve and it is with this meaning that some people tattoo these designs inspired by famous Indian legends a little altered. Although there is nothing wrong with it, if it deviates a bit from the original essence of these objects.

Indian tattoos on animals

Tattoos on representative animals of the Native American Indians are also very popular. As wolves, cougars, bears or eagles that the Native American community had a deep respect for and that they considered as equals.

For the Native Americans of America, we as human beings have the same importance as plants and animals. They thought and think that the Creator granted all things of spirit, animate and inanimate, and therefore they have to be respected and learn to coexist with them.

Ferocity, character, loyalty, freedom, love and protection, are many of the meanings that are given to animal tattoos thinking about the legends of the native Indians of America.

For them, mother earth provided everything they needed: sun, water and food. They respected nature in a philosophical way including fauna and flora.

Like the previous ones and with any tattoo that you want to place on the body, you have to think carefully and try to contain a meaning and a strong and deep message for us.

As you can see, the history and tradition of the American Indians is rich in meanings and symbolism. Not for nothing are they one of the most used as inspiration for tattooing.