57 Neck Tattoos For Men and Women

Discover the best original designs of tattoos on the neck for 2021. Below you will see a list of photographs of super original tattoos from our gallery with pagination included. Browse through all the pages to find the exact style of tattoo you are looking for.

Why do neck tattoos get a lot of attention?

Neck tattoos are in fashion, because the truth is that there are different designs that can be embodied in this part of the body.

An area of ​​the body that would be classified as extreme, and not because of the pain or because it is an insufferable tattoo in its elaboration. Rather, for all that it entails to have a tattoo in this place.

Is it the first time that you are going to get a tattoo on your neck and you do not know what design to do, nor do you have all the information regarding this topic? Well, this article is ideal for you, because through these texts we will try to solve each of those doubts.

Neck tattoos usually attract attention, because it means that whoever uses them is someone who is daring and risky, therefore, they have to make brave choices. Of course, the neck area is almost always exposed, no matter what clothing is worn (except for scarves and turtlenecks).

It is a delicate, sensual place and as I said previously exposed of the human body. For this and much more, tattooing on the neck is not suitable for any individual, because only the most daring risk getting tattoos in this peculiar part.

Neck tattoos hurt, yes or no?

Do neck tattoos hurt? The truth here is that pain is something relative, each person has a different pain threshold. What can hurt a lot for some, other people tolerate well.

The neck is an erogenous zone, an area that has a much higher density of nerve endings than any other non-erogenous part of the body. This makes her much more sensitive to any stimulus for better or for worse.

Other erogenous zones that men consider to have are: the lips, penis, scrotum, inner thighs, nipples, perineum, neck, and ears.

On the other hand, for women their erogenous zones are: the vulva, the lips of the mouth, the breasts, the nipples, the inner part of the thighs, the nape, the ears and the buttocks.

You should know that in the thickest skin area of ​​the neck (sides near the nape) it will hurt less. In the frontal area we have much more sensitive skin and a tattoo will hurt a lot, but if it approaches the parts closest to the bones of the clavicle, shoulders or walnut the pain will be much more intense.

Getting neck tattoos is a 7 out of 10 pain, simply put, it is not one of the worst pains. However, if you choose a discreet and simple tattoo, the degree of pain will be perfectly tolerated, I insist everything will depend on each person. In the front of the neck the pain will be much more acute.

What tattoos are most popular on the neck?

Women often prefer to get discreet and especially simple neck tattoos. Although some dare with larger and more elaborate designs.

When we see someone with a tattooed neck, she almost always has more tattoos with the naked eye or piercings. And unconsciously we tend to think that he is even a tattoo artist or completely passionate about tattoos.

About tastes and colors, everyone has their preferences. The most popular are butterflies, flowers, mandalas, hands of fatima, a sun, moons, a tree of life, birds, wings or a heart with an arrow.

Getting tattoos on the neck is directly related to male virility and in this area it enhances it even more.

Men are more daring in terms of these tattoos and more than anything in relation to size. The most popular tattoos among them are black bird or angel wings, as well as crosses, skulls, eyes, compass roses and faces of wild animals.

Neck tattoos for men

A tattoo for a boy in this area, the first thing that tells us is that he knows what he wants, that he has personality … you know that if he has to do something committed, he will not hesitate. I don’t know why, but I get the impression that I would trust the word of someone with a tattooed neck more. It is a tattoo that provides a lot of self-confidence and this is how it is reflected.

There is only one important information in relation to tattooing your neck, because you need to be very careful. Since with the growth of the beard, the tattoo can be irritated more easily and therefore it will take longer to heal.

The area of ​​the nut is very hard and has hardly any meat, which makes it more painful to endure tattoo sessions. In addition, its shape makes tattooing it very difficult, thus losing the level of detail. If you choose to tattoo this area, it is advisable that the tattoo artist have previous experience with similar tattoos.