Welcome to our photo gallery with Old School tattoos. We have hundreds of classic designs tattooed in 2021. They are sure to give you an idea in case you want to go for an old school tattoo. All old school tattoos have never really gone out of style.

Old school tattoos

A classic style within the high range is in the old school tattoos (“old school”). A fun and engaging way to frame various situations by implementing thick lines in conjunction with a flat color palette with sparse shading.

This technique was created and implemented in the United States in the 20th century. The intention to take almost cartoonish images in very strong colors; mostly accompanied by various elements to generate more bulk. It is perhaps one of the most widely implemented styles at that time and which is currently being taken up in the XXI century.

Old school tattoos encompass various symbols that are highly influenced by those who most wore this style on their bodies: the American Marines.

Know how were the beginnings of this particular type of tattoo, who represents it and how this became a boom of the twentieth century. Where not only men wore them, but also women (most secretly due to the prejudices of those times) is what makes the old school style so shocking.

In this article we will talk about those tattoos in this fantastic style that have caused the most relevance; its popularity and significance that the bearers managed to give.

Old School tattoos: symbols and meanings

As well explained. Old school tattoos were first implemented in North America in the 20th century. They were a boom for those who mostly wore them; the US Marines.

Before riding on the ships, staying in barracks for many months between training and enlistment processes for wars; tattoos represented a moment of recreation.

They also had to be executed quickly due to the large number of Marines who were eagerly waiting to have one, either to remember a date, an experience or a loved one who is waiting for them at home.

The artists who performed this style were very few. Not to mention those who managed to perform them accurately in such a short time.

Many of these tattoos were made by few artists, in which it was very recurrent to see their faces in the moments of rest of the Marines. It was a total business for them, especially in those times of economic crisis for the Americans.

Old school tattoos encompassed various symbologies beyond the classic national symbols. These patriotic symbols were the first prototypes to advance the old school style. After a while, ideas began to emerge from all corners. Not only from the bearers, but also from the artists.

Hence the inclinations to various images that came out of patriotism took more and more force. At the same time, the curiosity of those not belonging to the navy and who wanted a tattoo; they got to know the old school and began to promote its popularity more and more.

Patriotic tattoos

If you know a retired grandfather of the US Navy, or an average citizen who made the decision to get skin marked, you will surely see somewhere a national symbol of the United States.

The eagle, the American flag, commemorative figures to historical situations of that country, etc. Everything related to that unconditional love for the country that many necessarily saw in the passion of wearing it forever in their body.

Navy tattoos

One of the greatest old school classics was the anchor brand. For the US Marines, the anchor was the simplest symbol that reflected their profession and dedication to those they represented. As has been said, at that time there were very few tattoo artists, before this, tattoos had to be simple and quick to perform.

Among others, the figure of the rudder, the guide star, compasses, ships, even the numbers of the plates of the marines themselves stand out.

Pin-up tattoos

After the classic implementation of the marines and the increase in the creativity of tattoo artists, a new trend was born that would become famous and in great demand among boys, not only belonging to the navy, but to the entire country in general. We are talking about pin-up girls.

These are tattoos of beautiful women sometimes in the form of a portrait, sometimes covering only their face or full body, wearing a lot of makeup and provocative clothes in sensual poses. They began to be complemented with other elements such as floral decorations and phrases.

Flora and fauna tattoos

Among the old school classics we can highlight the flora and fauna. In general, the most portrayed were swallows, black panthers, wolves, tigers, lions, mostly accompanied by rozas or petunias.

In general, the old school encompasses various images, from elements in games of chance to the implementation of curious objects such as daggers and almost cult figures. What is clear is that old school art was and always will be a boom for many generations.