Not all people get photo tattoos. On a canvas it can still be erased and corrected, but on the skin it becomes complicated. Most importantly, in order to create portrait tattoos, you must be a good paper portrait painter. Since they are tattoos that require a lot of technique and experience to capture the gesture or expression of a face.

Getting a tattoo for the first time is an important decision (because it is forever), but totally personal.


Technical process to make a photo tattoo

To make such a tattoo, the client usually takes a photo of the tattoo that he would like to make or sometimes he chooses it from a catalog that the tattoo artist has (especially if it is about famous people). First, a paper model is made to study the use of shades and color shades. You have to take into account the area of ​​the body where the tattoo will be reflected, the type of skin, the size of the image and the colors.

The artist will scan the image and use his editing programs in various parts that they want to change or improve to make it perfect. Then the template is perfected because no matter how much technique the tattoo artist uses, the use of a template is essential to avoid mistakes when making a tattoo so technical and with such a level of detail.

The tattooist will have at all times the design of the tattoo or the chosen photo in view, to capture all the details that give personality to the portrait, such as the look of the person portrayed. The photo tattoo is not an exact copy of the photograph, but it should mostly resemble it.

These types of portrait tattoos are generally medium or large in size, due to the nature of the design itself. Few levels of detail are achieved in a small area, such as in a small painting. The tattoo is a permanent art form used by the body to commemorate a person or event; And this is more than true with photo tattoos.

Tips to keep in mind to tattoo a photo

Know the canvas. The canvas is the person who will get the tattoo on your body and it is the person to be pleased. A detailed sketch should also be drawn. To make a photographic tattoo, you start by creating the art on paper and then transforming that art on the body.

Once you know what your client wants, start designing ideas for the final photo tattoo. Consult with your client during this process to get a better idea of ​​what they want and thus make a final photo tattoo that matches their artistic sense and what your client asked for.

Have a photo ready to use as a reference when starting the tattoo to capture every detail. After several sketches and consultations with your client, many images may confuse your brain. The minimum you need is to come to a clear conclusion that you are going to tattoo, especially if you want to make a photo tattoo and get a good result.