Here are hundreds of images of shoulder tattoos for women and men. Scroll through the pages of our huge gallery of authentic original tattoos.

We have compiled thousands of photos of the best tattoos that have been made on the shoulders. All the new trends are mixed with the most classic tattoos so that you can choose the tattoo image for your shoulder that you like the most.


Shoulder tattoos for women and men

Looking at images of tattoos on the shoulder you can get an idea of ​​how similar tattoos would look on your body.

No matter what your style is, we are sure that many of you had already planned in advance to make your tattoo in this area, perhaps because you already have it visualized in your mind and feel that it is the ideal place to have them.

Also every highlight that this is a much easier area to hide, so it will not be easy for everyone to see your tattoo, unless you go through life with very cropped or suspender shirts.

By this we mean that perhaps this is one of those places to have a more personal tattoo, one that is not made to be seen and people admire it, but rather so that you keep it in mind every time you get up. before starting your day.

The shoulder is a very particular area of ​​the body when we are talking about tattoos, the truth is that we could even say that it is an area in which it is more common to see men tattoo their shoulders than to see women.

Although it must also be clarified that this is only a matter of preference, since as all of you must know, there is no such thing as “men’s tattoos” or “women’s tattoos”, everyone is free to express their skin. see fit. Another thing is the trends between men and women.

Just one of the magical things that getting a tattoo on your shoulder has, it helps us to externalize certain aspects of our personality.

The truth is that the shoulder in particular is chosen when thinking about a large tattoo design, it may even cover the entire forearm, the truth is that that will depend entirely on you. In our gallery you can see hundreds of images of tattoos on the shoulders.

There are people who already have quite elaborate designs in mind and that of course will take longer, which can cover the entire arm, while other people opt for figures isolated from each other, which they gather as the tattoos are made in shoulders.

What design to choose for shoulder tattoos?

One of the most classic designs that we can find in terms of tattoos on the shoulder, are the tribal figures in both men and women. The thick and pointed lines that characterize this type of design tend to look quite good, and it must be admitted that they give a much rougher and more dominant look to the wearer.

But these are also quite hackneyed and already quite popular, we believe that currently not many people are looking for this style of tattoos. Since there are a large number of people who already have it. It is already widely seen, so there is no point copying what other people have already done.

Another of the tattoo designs for women that are usually seen a lot in this area is that of the Japanese Koi fish, these usually cover the entire shoulder of the person, these tattoos on the shoulder are true works of art since they usually have a lot of color and an immense amount of detail.

These types of tattoos usually represent a challenge both for the person who is going to have it, and for the tattoo artist. They are not a very easy task to do well, and on the other hand there is the physical strength of the client who must endure long sessions in order to achieve an ideal finish with the tattoo.

Animal shoulder tattoos

One of the trends that became quite popular just a couple of years ago was the animal print. Many people wanted to pass the passion they felt for this type of animal aesthetic towards tattoos.

That is why we saw how the designs of the heads of leopards, lions, tigers or other animals became so popular. Precisely on the shoulder is where many men decided to get this tattoo due to its large dimensions.

Another trend that is having a great reception in today’s society is that of tattoos inspired by nature. It is in these cases where we can see sleeve-style tattoos that run throughout the arm until reaching the shoulder. Where the silhouette of a whole forest is represented with such a quantity of details that we can even see the branches of the treetops together with some birds.

This same type of design is being seen a lot in tattoos on the shoulder, since in this it has a better surface to give the image much more detail.