Welcome to our amazing font initial tattoo gallery. Browse through it and download the ones you like the most. Lots of tattoos so that you can study all the ideas and alternatives when it comes to tattooing yourself. A tattoo is something very important that we will surely carry throughout our lives. Think carefully about what you want to tattoo by looking at tattoo images before deciding on a specific design.

Meanings of initial tattoos

When you first hear about initial tattoos you may think that it is too simple and even boring. But it is the opposite, this type of tattoo has a great meaning behind it for the people who do it and far from being boring they are elegant and sexy.

In my case I have one of these tattoos, I have the initial of my brother, a very special person for me. Personally, I am proud to have a tattoo with his initials on it and I love showing it to others.

Having a tattoo with this design on your skin is more than just painting a letter. As I already mentioned, it is a special symbol that can mean an unforgettable moment, a love story, or the memory of someone who marked your life.

Let’s see some of the reasons why this type of initial tattoos is chosen:

If you are a newcomer and have never had a tattoo before, you may prefer a smaller tattoo, and it will help you confirm several things. On the one hand, your skin’s reaction to the ink; How do you see yourself with a tattoo and basically if you really like tattooing yourself or, on the contrary, this will be your first and last.
In addition to the previous point, if it is your first tattoo you may not know very well what you really want. Opting for an initials tattoo is the perfect choice for you in this case because of how small and simple it is.
Many people get their partner’s full name tattooed, a risky decision for obvious reasons. A tattoo with the initial of that loved one is an excellent alternative, if for some reason the relationship comes to an end, you can change the meaning of the tattoo or expand it.
Special people in your life. Yes, at this point we touch any person, be it a friend, family member, partner or there are even some who tattoo the initial of their favorite pet. The sky is the limit and your skin is a canvas at your disposal, load it with the strongest meaning you have and put it on your skin.

Initial tattoo designs

These initial tattoos are very versatile because of how simple they are, their minimalist feature and the number of designs, fonts and sizes that you can choose from. They can be accompanied by a figure, a symbol or a drawing to make it stand out more, it depends on your taste and what you want.

The size can also vary according to your preferences, personally I made my brother’s initial on the back of the wrist because it seemed like an excellent place to put it in addition to being very good. But if it is a small initial you can place it in small places like the ears or fingers.

But I have noticed other people who wear it on an ankle, forearm, collarbone and even a large initial on the shoulder. Everything can vary, in addition to its versatility as you can already realize, they can go anywhere on the body you want.

Tips for before tattooing

Although they are recommendations aimed more at those beginners who want to make their first tattoo, the following tips are useful even if you have years of experience in the world of tattoos. Let’s go there:

Think well because you get a tattoo. Before jumping into action, think carefully why you do it, if the reason is really so powerful or if it is just an impulse of the moment, I strongly advise against tattooing the initial of your partner of two weeks, for example.
Choose an area of ​​the body where the skin is not so thin, delicate or that is very close to the bone. They are very painful areas to tattoo.
Although it is already a topic that has been normalized, there are still some jobs that do not allow visible tattoos on their employees. Choose carefully where you are going to get tattooed.
It is known that a tattoo is healing normally when a small scab begins to form in the area within the first few days. Follow all the recommendations and precautions that the professional who is going to tattoo you.

I hope that with these tips you will travel the right path to get a great tattoo.