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Tattoo Styles for Men

There comes a time in life when you decide to get a tattoo, but sometimes it becomes difficult to know where to start the tattooing process. You have to have a clear idea of ​​the tattoo that you want to be part of your life, as well as the place where to capture it, perhaps make sense of it by looking for a meaning or without more because you like it, period.

When we think of tattoos for men, they are usually large and striking tattoos occupying the entire chest, the entire back, arms or even legs. But small tattoos for men look great, they are discreet, they are done quickly and they hurt very little.

There are several decisions that you must make apart from the choice of the image, photo or drawing of the tattoo. As it is, find a good tattoo artist who is with his free schedule. So then later do an excellent job that you do not regret or even be so satisfied that you come back for another!

In turn, the price must be reasonable and according to the size of the tattoo, the prestige of the tattoo artist or the hours of the session so as not to go out of our budget. Tattoo designs for men in color attract much more attention, but are more expensive, since they take more time and much more work to finish.

Let’s not forget that getting a tattoo today is expensive, but the value of something that will last throughout our lives, I think is incalculable. As expensive as it is, few things you can buy will stay with you for that long, I would say none. So we must be very sure when choosing a tattoo for men that represents something very ours or that we simply really love (not something temporary).

You must investigate, search and ask your friends, there will almost always be someone who will recommend a place and one or more people who specialize in tattooing (in capturing an image, a drawing or a design on your skin). And thus get a quality tattoo for men to be very proud and grateful for.

Now, if you just want to start in this world of perpetual ink, you can do it first by trying a small tattoo, on the arm or back they can be ideal areas for more limited display pieces, discreet emblems that can be worked in sessions, either half or full, at a later time.

How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?

You must bear in mind that your nervous system can play tricks on you. If it is your first tattoo or you have already had one, there are considerations to take into account.

Since in any part of your body you have little meat between the skin and the bone. Like the feet, hands, ribs, shoulders or clavicles, the sensitivity that you will experience and the pain will be much greater than that of tattooing other more fleshy areas.

In places where the abundance of nerves runs close to the surface and therefore the sensitivity to pain increases as tattooing on the upper inner arm. The back of the knee, hip area, groin, and lower back. The tattoo will be much more painful, only available to really tough, tough and brave men.

Also the most erogenous areas of the body are very painful areas to get a tattoo. These are full of nerve endings destined for other tasks more pleasant than these.

But rest assured that you will feel satisfied after their art is tattooed on your body. If you are very sensitive to pain, perhaps choosing a small tattoo is the best to test sensations and see what your tolerance is for the pain threshold of getting a tattoo on the skin.

Paracetamol can help reduce tattoo inflammation since it is not an anti-inflammatory with a vascularized effect, its use is recommended, although I am afraid that it will not help you to relieve the pain of an entire tattoo session.

In which areas do men get tattoos?

It is a question that many men ask themselves. The choice of the place to get a tattoo at the end will greatly condition the style and drawing chosen for that purpose. You have to spend more time thinking about where to get a tattoo, especially if it is your first time, than choosing a design or drawing that we like, since usually we always have something in mind.

Once you have located the artist who will perform the desired tattoo, then you must think about where you want your manly tattoo. Will it be something that you want to show at first glance or rather that it is reserved?

Your body will transform into a canvas. That is why you must choose a part of your body appropriate to the size and design that you want to be made. The back parts such as the back or thighs are really suitable for you to make a large drawing and that over time you can expand.

More masculine tattoos that contain too much detail have to be made large to fit. This is an aspect that you should always have when requesting a custom design from a tattoo artist.

The vast majority of men choose an area to be tattooed that is visible at first glance, the most daring intrepid choose the face, hands or neck and the discreet areas that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the shoulders, abdomen, or pectorals. .

The vast majority tend to choose tattoos on the arm, usually on the forearms or biceps. In such a way the men in the arm get that with short sleeves they can look good and give that look of a tough guy. But really what is most striking is a very cool and large tattoo for men on the chest, only the pain that you have to endure to tattoo that area is already to be admired, this tattoo is only suitable for true silver-backed alpha males.

Tattoo ideas for men

There are people who think that a tattoo for men should show toughness. The vast majority of men tend to be dominant and tend to tattoo wild animals as a sign of ferocity. Tattoos for women tend to be much more refined and with deeper meanings.

Browsing our photo gallery you will find many ideas, with different incredible styles that will surely catch your attention.

For them, a good option may be scorpions, which, even though they are small, are powerful. This arachnid looks amazing, and it would be a great option for any guy who wants to show toughness.

Animal tattoos for men

Wolves, bears, elephants and gorillas are animals that are at the top of the food chain and represent great power and respect. That is why they are the most chosen when a man wants to get a large tattoo.

Big cats such as lions or tigers are a frequent resource among men when it comes to tattooing. Also among famous characters like Conor McGregor who has a tiger tattooed on his abdomen.

Tattooing an insect is not the same as a lion. That is why when you decide on the design, it must have the correct shape, style and scheme.

Good ideas for tattooing if you are a man

Have you decided if you are going to do it in black or with meaningful colors? Make up your mind thinking about what suits the aesthetic shape of your body or according to your skin tone.

If you are not sure where to go when choosing a design. Here we show you other ideas that may be attractive to your taste.

Oriental or medieval dragon tattoos for men are very popular among the male gender.
Angel wings and crosses are definitely tattoo ideas for religious men, and this is a great example of the genre.
The tattoos for men of roses, skulls, inscriptions and daggers, if they are well done with color details, will seem that they were really there, under the skin of the man.
Mythological beings in general and cartoons are also a common source of resources among boys when it comes to tattooing.
The famous tribal tattoos for men are a stylish way to fill too empty body parts with tattoo ink.
Traditional Maori tattoos for men, depicting a warrior people from Polynesia.
Bracelets for men are tattoos that have become fashionable, whether in a traditional, old school or more modern style.

But don’t forget that these tattoos have to always be original and exclusive, let’s not let anyone else have that same design. If you see something that you like, combine it with something else or give the tattoo artist the creative freedom to modify it in their own way.

Different types of male tattoos

This is another very important aspect for men when choosing a tattoo. If you get a small tattoo on your bicep, you won’t be able to get another one that covers the entire area later. Except covering the old one.

We have to imagine how we would like to look our ideal final version, heavily tattooed? little tattooed? in color? in black? big or small?

If we take tattoos for men as we should take it “seriously”. These are the things to consider before you even start looking at tattoos or visiting a salon.

There are people who started getting a tattoo in black and now have gotten one in color. From my point of view this type of mix does not look very good. Just like very large tattoos mixed with small tattoos do not look good either. Or a very high contrast in the quality of the tattoos, that some seem made by your little brother and others by Velázquez himself.

I know a person who long ago got a tribal tattoo in black when he was more fashionable. Now over time after making several in color realism he has decided to eliminate the old one. Using laser sessions (very painful) to lighten it a bit and be able to tattoo on it.

So be very sure of what you are going to decide before having to regret it!