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Why Thai tattoos?

Thai tattoos are characterized by being of animals linked to this culture of the Asian continent, in general, these tattoos are of the phoenix, bengal tigers and dragons, among other native Thai or mythological creatures related to Asian culture.

In turn, those written in the native language of Thailand are among the favorites of users, because this type of spelling is very artistic and peculiar.

One of the designs capable of exploiting the full potential of a tattoo artist is undoubtedly Thai tattoos. Images of mystical and magical creatures like these can exploit the creativity of both the tattoo artist and the canvas, since this is a bird that does not have a fixed anatomy because it is one.

The tattoos of magical or mythical creatures have the advantage of being able to note any unusual detail or color without making it look strange, for this reason, Thai tattoo tattoos are the favorite of daring people and lovers of the different.

One of the reasons why Thai tattoos are so popular is because of the meaning that these magical animals can possess.

For those who are unaware of the subject, Thai tattoos are faithfully a symbol of rebirth, abiding by the history of this creature, that as it ages, this era consumed by its own flames and from the ashes of it will be born again.

These tattoos, in general, are characteristic for the great strength they transmit, as well as the magical essence that they manifest, despite the fact that in many cases they are still real creatures that remain alive today.

Thai tattoos can indicate any moment of decisive transformation that you have passed. It is necessary to highlight the cyclical meaning that these tattoos provide, remembering that one of the focal points of Thai culture are the cycles or processes that living beings go through to reach a second plane or stage of their life.

It is easy to perceive that the images of Thai tattoos show that of all ends there is a great beginning full of expectations and hopes, that the moment a person or object fulfills its function in life, a new beginning will emerge from it, this concept or Meaning is presented above all in the image already mentioned (the phoenix).

While the bengal tiger represents the courage and personal strength that must be had to face all adversities.

The most commonly used body parts for a Thai tattoo

One of the favorite places where people get a Thai tattoo is on the back, all this because they are usually large, many of these completely cover the back.

It should be noted that Thai tattoos are usually of the realistic type, you will hardly be able to see a Thai tattoo with a cartoonish style or a traditional American style.

Some will think that the cyclical meaning of Thai animals is irrational, ignoring that the concrete meaning of the cycles of these creatures is that you can always start over to have a full and happy life.

The best Thai tattoos today

1. Tattoos on the back

The preferred place to locate a tattoo of such an image is the back, due to the large amount of details and colors that these magical creatures deserve, it is necessary to provide a large space to successfully display the image of this tattoo.

Although the most common is that Thai tattoos cover the entire back, there are cases where the canvases prefer it smaller and more discreet, in the tribal style, or even, adding the watercolor modality, placing the bird in the entire center of the back or to one side.

2. Tattoos on the forearm

For men who love mythical creatures, Thai tattoos are ideal forearm tattoos, in many designs found on the latest tattoo websites, surreal patterned designs have been displayed.

3. Minimalist Tattoos

The silhouette of Thai animals are incomparable with any other, some people may confuse it with a Japanese animal, but when highlighting the details that characterize them, including what is outlined, you realize what is characteristic of Thailand.

Thai tattoos will not always be magical animals or creatures, you can also find tattoos of the lotus flower, which is a traditional flower of the region.