Thigh tattoos are inconspicuous, discreet designs and are currently very popular with women. These tattoos are at the top among fitness models and influencers. Although it was less fashionable before, now it is one of the most common resources when choosing a good tattoo.

We have one of the largest photo galleries with tattoos on the thigh that exists on the net:

Why do thigh tattoos get a lot of attention?

Tattoos on the thigh are very fashionable, since they are in a very interesting area of ​​the body to tattoo, especially in women.

On the other hand, it is a fairly large place that allows designs of different sizes to be made, therefore, it is perfect to get a tattoo with great detail.

If you want a sexy tattoo that you like to see every day, then do not hesitate to tattoo your thigh. Although, you must make sure that the design you are looking for is attractive and one in a million; The originality in tattoos is essential so that you do not get tired of it and whenever you look at it you like it.

Tattoos on the thigh have long had a large number of fans, because they cause great charm for the kind of images that can be achieved in that area and especially how they look. In the same way, they are very common in full-length designs.

Also, tattoos in the thigh area can be spread to the rest of the hip, leg and back. Therefore, if over time you decide to tattoo something else, that drawing on the thigh will not prevent you from advancing in the sketch. It is a very wide area, perfect for large tattoos.

Do tattoos on the thigh hurt?

The first thing you think about when we are going to get a tattoo is how much it will hurt. In the case of tattoos on the thighs, it all depends on the body proportion, if you have a good body mass the discomfort is minimal, but if not, you will feel more pain. Also, keep in mind that this is an area that tolerates pain very well.

Similarly, the type of tattoo you choose helps you feel less or more pain, because if it is a large design with a lot of padding, it will hurt more than a simple, lined sketch. Also, tattooing on the front or behind the thigh is less painful than doing it on the inside.

Thigh tattoos for women and men

Women like to get tattoos on the thigh more than men and styles are key when choosing. The possibilities for women are endless, among the most popular ideas are colored flowers (specifically the rose), an anchor, a wolf, a hummingbird, birds in general, black ties, arrows, hearts, owls, dream catchers and phrases .

The tattoos on the thigh of men are the least seen, they prefer the upper extremities more, although they do the same. It is more common to see them in athletes and the most popular have to do with animals, boats, tribal designs, Japanese, dragons and lions, which look more manly on the thigh.

Before getting a large thigh tattoo you have to be completely sure that it is the best design that suits your physique.

The techniques that are applied in tattoos on the thigh are many, because in that area any type of design can be placed, also due to the relief of this place on the body, it serves for the inspiration and imagination of the tattoo artist.