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Meaning of tree of life tattoos

Ink lovers have managed to transcend the tree of life tattoo design to another level. Thanks to the updates and technological advances in the tools for making tattoos and the techniques for coloring the designs.

One of the most used techniques for tree of life tattoos is watercolor, where you can highlight the traditional design of this with an unusual color combination for a tree. That gives it a jovial and carefree look.

This well-known image of a large tree, with abundant leaves and several ramifications, began its symbolism in the amulets of the different cultures of the Asian continent, characterized by representing the essence of the positive, strength, resistance and above all, the origin of our existence. .

As you know, there is no better representation of life than a tree. A tree, characterized by being ancestral, a generator of oxygen, a guardian of life as it is the home of countless living beings. From where it is a witness to the cycle of life, just as it has been since the world is world.

It is possible to represent the tree of life tattoos as the spitting image of the birth. Reflecting the emphasis mostly on the roots part of the drawing. This is followed by growth and progress, as reflected in the strong trunk and abundant leaves in the image.

People who choose a tattoo of this peculiar design, usually have the intention of representing their strength and stability, anyone wishes their life was as firm and abundant as a wild tree is.

The tree of life is not just any tree. Generally, what is embodied in tattoos are figures of fruit trees, like the classic apple tree that children draw from small or pine forests.

But this style of tattoo carries with it a deeper message, representing the successes or victories they have had in life, family ties, origin, having their feet on the ground, knowledge, experience, wisdom …. In short, not forgetting who you are, where he is going and where he comes from.

The tattoos of the tree of life, in turn, are very anchored to the family environment, taking into account the representation of the genealogical tree, where the roots will speak of our ancestors, followed by our grandparents, parents and uncles, until we reach the present that is our being, normally located in the highest branches.

Do not underestimate a design as mystical as the tree of life, an image like this that can represent so many things, birth, growth, evolution, the past, family, among others. People with these tattoos should bear in mind that it is an image that, in addition to being beautiful, exudes great strength.

Favorite body parts for this tattoo

When this image began to spread as a tattoo, these were very common on the forearms, being simple designs in the tribal or traditional American style, based only on thin lines in the symbolic style.

However, over the years, this design went from being a simple tribal, to being a surreal image, with greater detail and size. This tattoo began to invade the pectorals of men, the legs of women (especially the thighs) and the backs of both.

In turn, there are people who gave the tree of life a more cartoonish design in the cartoon style, in this way it has been able to be captured in a sympathetic way on people’s ankles, wrists and hips.

If you are looking for a tattoo that is multifaceted, a tree of life is your best option, you can always mold this image to your taste and personality, as well as to any part of the body.