Triangle tattoo designs are very versatile, their meaning depends on how it is drawn, for example, if the triangle is pointed down, this triangle is feminine, and if we use common sense a bit and draw it in the opposite direction, we are in the presence of a male triangle.

If we go to the religious side, the triangle as described with its three sides is the representation of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; interpreting its three sides further can also mean mind, body and spirit without taking them to biblical levels.

Triangle tattoos with creativity

We can have another important interpretation with the triangle tattoos with the past, present and future time an idea of ​​daily life to motivate us to get a triangle tattoo.

As triangles are geometric figures we can put our creativity to work, when a person chooses a triangle to be tattooed as the main characteristic of this individual is that we find ourselves in front of a person with clear, creative and imaginative thinking.

Other meanings of triangle tattoos

A triangle surrounded by circles symbolizes eternity, the transformation of matter and refers to reincarnation, of course we all give different meanings to our designs.

Ideas for tattooing triangles

Complementary triangles: these tattoos are made to strengthen courtships, marriages or love relationships, they are designs made for two people, they are usually an empty triangle and another full one, they really look beautiful.

Even remembering that getting this type of tattoos runs the risk that life is very complex and people even more so that they have to be very sure of doing this type of design.

Triangle with definition: these tattoos are pure individual creativity, the first thing you should look for are three words that define you or your goals to follow, when you join your words in a triangular way you will have a unique design and with a cycle that will make you feel good it vibrates.
Triangle tattoos for women and men:

Speaking of the style of triangle tattoos, as they are geometric they may seem to be simple figures, but as soon as each woman or man places her creativity, they are truly amazing.

For women they can make designs with colors, add other figures such as butterflies or beautiful flowers, we have not found triangular tattoos even with a hummingbird, the limit of creativity is each individual.

And in men they are stronger designs, triangular figures with lions. Mountains within the triangle designs that remain at an impressive level.

Interlocking triangle

There is a figure or drawing of three intertwined triangles belonging to the Nordic culture called “Valknut”, called the death knot by the ancient Vikings, this symbol has many theories, however there are those who like this type of symbol to tattoo since they feel that they mock death.

Triangle with a rose inside

These types of designs are more symbolic in homosexual communities, this symbol arose from the genocide that the Nazis perpetrated against homosexuals of the time, today many choose this symbol in their honor to honor those who fought for freedom. It is recognition for these people who were unjustly tortured to death by the tyrant Adolf Hitler.

Triangles with a diamond

These types of tattoos are extracted from the Greek culture where the diamond represents and symbolizes the invincible and indestructible due to the composition of the diamond, these tattoos are chosen because they are attracted to what it means.

Why choose a triangle as a tattoo

The designs are variable and their meanings as well, but following common sense and the logic that a triangle is made up of three sides, where you can join and link anything in life an example is childhood, adulthood, and old age a cycle that all human beings by normal cycle must comply.

Triangles are curious, but meaningful if you are creative.